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12 Scenic And Unusual Flowers Only Grow In India

Flowers are a part of every event that you commemorate. Most Indian joyous occasions need the use of blossoms. Be it any marriage, the venue embellishes with flowers for an elegant look. The flower variety of this country varies from one state to another due to the soil grade. Whenever we think about sending someone online flowers, it’s invariably the usual Roses or Orchids, which are amazing gifting choices. Still, some blossoms grow in India and are utilized for various purposes from time to time. Let us look at some rare blossoms of India that you may not have listened to or seen.

Ganges Primrose – Flowers

The Ganges Primrose is one of the most stunning and impressive flowers. Fast growing & resilient, this blossom grows rampantly in the bay of the river Ganges throughout summer. Available in short, pretty pentagon-shaped petals and with assorted colorations varying from white to silver to purple, this amazing flower is one of the most lovely blossoms to behold.

Bird of Paradise

One of the most stunning blossoms features pointy, multi-shade petals in yellow, blue, scarlet, and green colorings. Each petal makes an outstanding debut, presenting an impression of flying birds.

Rose – Flowers

Rose is amongst those blossoms which everyone comprehends as it is used to represent love. Roughly various species of roses online delivery are available across the globe. Every distinct shade of rose has a precise meaning. Don’t overlook adding roses when you intend to order exotic flower bouquets online for your beloved ones.


Another blossom that is extensively used for praying to god is Hibiscus. It is known to be the blossom of Goddess Kali & is an important item to be used to embellish her idol. Their radiant red hue is empowering to the goddess. This flower is typically found in various regions within India, growing yearly.

Tuberose – Flowers

The tuberose blossom is mostly used as a note in fragrances and scents good at night hence called Nishigandha in India. The tuber is a night-blooming flower that can thrive in earthen pots or plants in the garden. Tuberose vital oil and absolute is an antidepressant that furnishes calming ease in stressful conditions. It is a hypnotic and soothing oil that can help reduce nervousness and physical strain.


A familiar water flower is known as Lotus or Water-lily. This blossom is also related to the Indian God Brahma, who is often seen seated on this blossom. They start to rise in early April. During middle and late May, the leaves rise above the water; blooming begins in early & mid-June. In late June and August, they reach complete bloom.

Law’s Ceropegia – Flowers

Called after John Sutherland Law, the English-born Indian Civil Helper and botanist who found it, these blossoms are one of the most stunning natural varieties of flowers. These lantern-shaped blossoms rise from the Ceropegia plant only on the Harishchandragad cliff, where it was located. Mostly white, these blossoms have a tubular-shaped center with five stalks connected to form a cage-like design.


Belonging to Austria, Italy & Japan, the blossom is also a common view in Himachal Pradesh & the hilly regions of Jammu & Kashmir. Tulip shows the magnetic bell-like floral collection in red, pink, yellow, and white colors.

Orchid Cactus – Flowers

Queen of the Night blossom is a flowering variety of cactus that infrequently blooms once a year & only at night. The blossom is name Brahma Kamal in India, but the authentic Brahma Kamal is Saussurea obvallata.


The magnificence of Dahlia is that they open up with glory and turn out to be gigantic flowers. These are tuberous and can grow only in the spring season. Dahlia stalks are almost 10 inches in size. Although, the size & shade might vary.

Frangipani – Flowers

These blossoms, effortlessly available in India, express intense love and adhesive between two people. Exotic & sweet-aromatic, they call for their pristine white shade. Although they look fragile, they’re quite difficult; they can resist heat and drought.

Magenta Ghost Flower

It is an unusual endemic parasitic flower, re-located in 2004 in Anamalai, near Pollachi, after 89 years. Prashant Awale slipped upon this rare flower in Devikulam, Kerala. This seasoning lacks chlorophyll & is a parasite on hays. One of the unseen and most lovely flowers to see in India.

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