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Best CRM Software for Sales Teams and Startups in 2023

CRM software in Pakistan has become a buzzword for all the right reasons. All the new start-ups and businesses find that they need CRM software services to meet the demands of their brand-new businesses such as easy interfaces or efficiency. The right options are those that have critical features like lead management, marketing automation, and sdr vs bdr for creating effective sales. So we did the hard task of finding the best real estate crm software available in the market right now for start-ups so you and your business can benefit with the automation the software brings.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is being called one of the best CRM softwares out there in the market right now. This CRM has been responsible for enabling firms to manage their deals and marketing campaigns and also develop good relations with their customers. This CRM comes with several methods of integration which include but are not limited to third-party tools and software developed by Zoho itself. If you’re wondering about the price, Zoho is a cheap CRM software for start-ups because it has a free plan and many paid options also that start with only $14 per user on a monthly basis. You can also customize it to add modules, pages, tabs, and layouts depending on the kind of business you have.

If you want to generate higher profits and more leads, Zoho CRM should be on your list to check out.

Really Simple Systems CRM

This is another CRM service that enables you to run your startups successfully with the help of excellent lead and pipeline management features. The catch is that even this is at the minimum possible cost. This CRM is also especially renowned for its product usability. It is easy to make a new account, you can utilize the integrated features and also navigate the easy interface ranging from module to module. The biggest benefit of having the easy interface is that you do not need to be a well-experienced CRM user in order to use this software efficiently.

This CRM from Really Simple Systems is also vouched for because it allows product customization that is recommended for startups. This means you can make the software unique and innovative rather than going for a one-size fits all approach. The Really Simple Systems tailoring options are also free using data fields, drop-down lists, data tables, charts and more.

Agile CRM

The third CRM on the list is also an efficient and cost-friendly CRM solution for budding businesses. They can use the free plan offered by this CRM for up to 10 users and the other plans start at about $8.99 per user per month. Moreover, the system is easy to use and has many new users. With this CRM behind you, you can expect your start-up to really take off and benefit.

So what makes this CRM stand out? It is because it has a one-stop solution for all problems and has all the capabilities you may need. There are sales and marketing functionalities that help run the start-up however, this software is also special because it has the feature for managing a help desk which others do not. This feature is useful for new start-ups because they need help in guiding people to use the software. The rest of the functions are also available for free, making this one of the best CRMs out there. 


If you’re into CRM system software in Pakistan then Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM system that prioritizes functionality you may need for running the business efficiently. For example, all the direct sales activities such as prospecting, lead generation, qualification, and sending proposals are available for CRM. Users can avail all the custom functionality they need for running the start-ups because of efficiency and automation that you may need to run your start-up efficiently.

Startup businesses in industries can have very lengthy and complex functions which may not be solved with the wrong crm services. The features you need in the CRM software are sales leads and deals and reporting to bring unity into the software. CRM software in Pakistan can also help with building insightful detailed reports that are essential for every organization.


This is another CRM system which can make start-ups lead data, communicate with sales contacts, and track and qualify opportunities. This is essential in any real estate crm software because developing good relations with the consumer is your priority. This crm has a free plan for two users and the CRM also has product customization options. There are also insight cards that have additional information being displayed.

Many new projects have several new projects and businesses that they need to organize and keep sight of. This CRM also has a more built-in project management module which can also be availed in a free plan. All the teams you may have in your start-up team can also collaborate and create several workflows to keep a note of project milestones.


Want to know another start-up? Close is a sales-focused CRM which can help you organize, generate leads, track developments and maintain relations with customers. If you are not able to manage data efficiently, your start-up may start suffering which is why a CRM that gives monitoring and reporting and automated reports will let your business expand.

Close CRM prioritizes customization and communication. Your users can never falter when communicating with the clients and they can also conduct call coaching through listening and whispering tools. Did you know they also have advanced calling tools which can automate calls to your clients? This takes the effort out of all the mundane tasks your sales representatives have to put in.


This is also a CRM software service which is one of the most famous ones at the moment. It also has free plans for unlimited users and the interface is efficient and simple to use for all the people involved. With HubSpot you get to customize your CRM software in Pakistan to get the maximum number of features that suit your business and have excellent lead management, organization and communication on all ends.

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