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How To Resolve Gmail Verification Issue?

Google is the top-rated company and people all across the world trust it. It provides many products and services. One of its prominent feature is it’s email service which almost everyone uses. It is quite reliable and keeps the email chain organized. But sometimes users can face issues with the services where you can get locked out of your account and Google couldn’t verify This account belongs to you. This usually happens when you do not remember the login credentials if your account or you are trying to login through an unknown device. This can be problematic for obvious causes but at the least you can be sure that your emails are secure meantime. This issue can arise if you see the you are not being asked the same security question which you answered at the time of registering. You may not be receiving code verification link through text message.

In order to fix that Google is not verifying your account, you need to verify the account owner through g.co/verifyaccount. You can verify it through your phone number, password or email address. You can then easily login to your account. This will also verify that the you are the action user and not a hacker. Let’s have a look at the steps for verification.

Steps to complete Google verification:

  • Reset the password of your Google account.
  • Activate the two steps verification.
  • Select to receive the code on your phone number.
  • There are different ways to receive a code if you fail to receive the code on your phone.
  • Another way of verifying through the email address.
  • You can also submit an account recovery form.
  • Navigate to the support section of the Google web browser and submit the account recovery form.
  • You can also contact customer care through call or chat for inquiries.

If the steps mentioned above does not verify your Google account, proceed with verifying through an ID like driving licence to retain your account.

Another issue that users face is Gmail notifications not working. It can be problematic since you may miss any email notification due to which you can fail to check it on time. You can navigate to settings and turn on the notifications. Let’s have a look at the steps.

Steps to turn on Gmail notifications:

  • Launch the Gmail app on your smart phone or your computer.
  • Then, you will see the three top menu on the side to navigate to menu.
  • Scroll down to go to settings.
  • Now, select your account.
  • Then click on notifications and chose a notification level you want.
  • Then, click on manage notifications.
  • Switch on the notifications and select your preferred settings to select the ringtone or notification sound.

This will turn on your notifications but if you face any issue, reset the Gmail app. Check for any available updates and update your account. If you still face any error, uninstall the application and then install it again. If you still confuse to Resolve Gmail Verification Issue then direct contact gmail customer service and get instant support.

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