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Sometimes one can have low testosterone levels and low libido due to exogenous medication, deficiencies in endogenous production, or age. Today with natural supplementation, it can be raised surprisingly and effectively, and we are going to develop how we can do it.

For this, we will use one of the best brands in Amix Nutrition supplementation.

In addition to increasing testosterone production, we must keep the estrogen level low in a perfect balance of 10:1, respectively. For this reason, we will use supplements that help us in our objective in specific dosages.

To get into the supplementation and dosage, we will explain that we will do it in two daily doses and we will use 4 types of supplements, which we will develop below. This combo is for experienced athletes who have already taken supplements such as Tribulus, ZMA, and arginine and wish to obtain greater benefits with a more powerful supplementation.

The first take will be done in the morning, which is always better on an empty stomach. This can be as soon as we wake up fasting or after at least 1h 30min of eating. I favor doing it as soon as we get up when our body has not ingested anything with about 500ml of water.

Say at this point the importance of drinking as soon as we get up at least 500ml of water to activate our body, cleanse and hydrate after 8 hours of sleep without eating anything. The first dose will be 3 capsules of Myosterones with 1 capsule of Muscledrol from Amix Nutrition (*recommended daily dose by Amix)

Mysteries is a product that improves testosterone production by regulating the level of estrogen. Its ingredients, such as Maral root, provide more than 100 active components, including ecdysterone.

TestoFen is a derivative of Fenugreek, which works by promoting an increase in healthy levels of free testosterone, thereby improving sexual function and muscle development. Wild Yam and Gamma Oryzanol increase testosterone and growth hormone levels. Damiana and Maca increase libido with aphrodisiac effects.

Muscledrol is a natural supplement that improves endogenous testosterone formed with the patented Taxadrol that inhibits the transformation into estrogens and improves the production of male hormones (androgens). Taxadrol is NOT a prohormone; it is an all-natural testosterone and libido enhancer. ZMA is a complex of Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6.

This combination in the morning will potentially increase our endogenous testosterone production while keeping estrogen low, so important for increased strength, energy levels, and lean muscle mass.

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The second take will be done in the afternoon at one of these times, before training, before dinner (30min), or after eating the last meal (1h 30min later), but always better on an empty stomach. We will carry out this second dose with 2 capsules of TribuZMA (2000mgr) and 5 capsules of D-AA aspartic acid (3000mgr). (*recommended daily dose by Amix)

Tribu-ZMA is a product that, at the dose of 2 capsules, combines the proven efficacy of ZMA and a powerful stimulant of testosterone and libido, such as Tribulus Terrestris, with 90% steroidal saponins.

D-AA (aspartic acid) is a powerful and innovative supplement for stimulating our body with the anabolic hormones testosterone and growth hormone. Aspartic acid acts as a neurotransmitter in the nervous system that is directly involved in producing anabolic hormones.

D-AA stimulates the pituitary gland’s release of LH and HGH, stimulating the testicles and increasing testosterone secretion naturally.

This second shot will again push our body to produce more biosterol testosterone naturally and without exceeding the recommended doses of the products. For this reason, in each intake, we use the doses recommended by the manufacturer but without repeating the supplements. This leads us to be able to significantly increase the endogenous production of testosterone and Gh, improving our libido and keeping the estrogen level low without side effects.

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