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La Mer Dubai! The Best Guide to Dubai’s Exciting Beaches

Meraas made the Dubai neighborhood La Mer, which is near the beach. In the Jumeirah 1 neighborhood, La Mer Dubai beach goes all the way to the water and is a beautiful place for tourists to relax. The beach is decorated with beautiful palm trees, paintings, and other works of art, and there are many places to eat and things to do. The beach at La Mer is surprisingly new. This Dubai attraction shows how the city works hard to reach its tourism goal. If you want a beautiful place to spend the day with your loved ones, this Beach is the place to go.

A Short Talk About La Mer Beach

La Mer Dubai beach is in the Jumeirah 1 neighborhood. It stretches miles along the water and has a beautiful view of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai’s skyscrapers. La Mer beach is the perfect place to spend a day of rest and relaxation, lying in the sun on the soft sand or swinging in a hammock.

Graffiti and murals today are a pleasure to look at for anyone who likes art because they combine minimalist and modern design so well. The many restaurants, shops, bars, and ice cream shops that line the wooden boardwalks, palm tree boulevards, and promenades add to the town’s charm.

The Laguna Waterpark is on the beach, which is good for both kids and adults. All of La Mer Dubai’s water rides and waves made by people will make for an exciting day. La Mer is a seaside area with a lot of unique things to do and see.

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How do I find my way to the beach?

If you want to go to there, our guide will show you how to get there. As we’ve discussed, La Mer is in the Jumeirah 1 area of Dubai. Between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay has a beachfront neighborhood of 13.4 million square feet.

By Car:

Take Al Safa Street north-west from the city center and turn right onto street 77B to get to the beach. From the Jebel Ali side, drivers must first pass the Dubai Canal, the Mercato Mall, and the old Dubai Zoo before turning left into the Jumeirah area. From Rashidiya, you must go by the Etihad Museum and the Jumeirah Mosque to get to there. At La Mer Dubai, you can park your car outside or underground for about 20 AED an hour. VIPs can use valet parking for an extra 100 AED.

By Bus:

You can take an RTA bus to the beach, which stops at Beach Center 2, Century Plaza 1, and Century Plaza 2. At Jumeirah Center, you can also take an RTA bus to the beach. Nearby hotels like the Fairmont, Dusit Thani, The H Hotel, Emirates Grand, Sheraton Grande, and Downtown Hotel all have shuttle buses that will take you to the site.

The Buildings on Dubai’s La Mer Beach

Several parts of La Mer The architecture and design of Dubai are outstanding. La Mer is the name of a beach that is often linked to the laid-back seaside towns of France. Wooden boardwalks, palm trees, and string lights dance above the pretty pastel shacks on the beach.

There were rusty anchors and barrels among the buried surfboards and sunken boats. Ropes, driftwood, and bright billboards all add to the area’s natural beauty. Hammocks move gently with the air currents, adding to the calm and peaceful atmosphere. The water park at La Mer was made to feel like the lively neighborhood of La Boca in Argentina.

Where to go and what to see at Dubai’s La Mer Beach?

On its sandy beach, which has more than 130 different businesses, cafés, restaurants, and ice cream stores, making it a fantastic location for having fun and unwinding. There are many licensed restaurants on the beach, all of which have mouthwatering menus and cool drinks ready for you. The beach and the nearby Laguna Water Park are the main things to do in La Mer. Even though there is no charge to go to La Mer Dubai, you can rent some beach areas and water sports equipment. La Mer at night is a must-see if you like Dubai’s nightlife.

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