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Methods To Follow Underpinning Foundation

The application of an underpinning Foundation is for repairing and strengthening the building foundation. This article discusses the methods underpinning methods.

If an unprecedented failure of the foundation or footings occurs after the complete structure has been built, a corrective course of action as an underpinning foundation is recommended to restore structural stability. Thus, this underpinning method helps in strengthening an existing structure or any framework of a building, road, etc.

There are different underpinning methods for strengthening the foundation, and the goal of each following underpinning method shares the same common goals as strengthening, lengthening, and widening the current foundation and laying it over strong soil. The underpinning foundation method is done in strong soil because if the soil is not strong enough, the whole foundation will break down. To know more continue reading.

Method for mass concentrate underpinning method

The mass concentrate underpinning method is the oldest method of underpinning foundation. The method is applied to the extent of the old foundation. While doing the process, the procedure of this method is the soil of the current foundation is removed carefully with the help of stages or pins. When the soil is successfully removed and the area is filled with cement and water or other concrete materials, a suitable stratum is formed. After it cures, the next removal will begin.

There is another inexpensive technique for the shallow foundation. For that, caseworkers make the load transfer from the old foundation to the new one with a new pin to place the dry sand cement pack. There is more superior underpinning foundation method available for a more complicated problem.

Miniature piled support

This method is used in transferring the loads from the foundation to the strata more than 5 meters away. This technique of underpinning foundation is applicable in soil that has variable properties, limited access, and issues with environmental pollution.

Pile underpinning technique

This pile underpinning method is used to support the wall that surrounds the weak foundation. In this method, a needle or pin pierces the wall and connects to the pile. The manner of this needle is like a pile cap; this underpinning foundation technique is used to settle the soil for the reason of water clogging.

Cantilever Needle Beam technique

The cantilever needle beam technique is an extended form of the pin method. If there is a need to extend the foundation from one side and, at the same time, if there is also a stronger interior column, in that case, this underpinning foundation is the best choice.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of this underpinning technique. Let’s check it out.


  • Compared to the traditional method, it is faster than that.
  • It can carry a high load.
  • This method works only in the extension of one side.

Method of Pier and Beam Underpinning

The implementation of this underpinning method comes after the second world war. It is also called the base and beam method. One should go for the pier and beam underpinning foundation to get the depth foundation. People get to know about this method when the traditional mass method does not support the substantial depth of foundation.

Leveling a Pier and Beam Foundation method involves adjusting and stabilizing a structure’s foundation by strategically placing piers and beams beneath it. This technique is particularly effective in situations where traditional mass methods fail to provide the necessary depth for a stable foundation.

The installation of the foundation underpinning demonstrates an ease of digging in the majority of ground situations. By arranging the reinforced concrete beans in this manner, you will have the ability to transfer the load to piers or bases made of mass concrete.

Underpinning Foundation


Pre-test Underpinning Method

In this underpinning, the soil lying under the surface soil is made dense and constricted. While application of this underpinning foundation method, what loads of the soil are needed to extravasate is decided in advance. The whole procedure has been done before underpinning.

In addition to that, there is the option of applying a strip or pad foundation. This technique is utilized for the building’s fifth to tenth story.

This technology cannot be utilized for the construction of raft foundations. During the underlying process, it is normal to experience confusion and a noisy disturbance.

This modern method of underpinning the foundation helps society in several ways. It makes everything simple and concern free. It is also economically friendly if it is seen from a different perspective.

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