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8 Nearby Places of Golden Triangle Tour Worth Visiting Destinations

We all are familiar with the India Golden Triangle and the three prominent destinations it covers. Yet, there are a few other places of Golden Triangle of India that you may cover during this tour.

The India golden triangle tour takes travelers to three famous Indian cities – Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. The golden triangle circuit draws travelers from International destinations and throughout India to witness India’s cultural, historical, and traditional aspects. But why is it known as the golden triangle tourist circuit? A closer examination of the map reveals that Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur form a triangle. Moreover, it is a tourism circuit beginning in the capital city of Delhi and continuing through Agra and Jaipur.

Additionally, it is among the greatest methods for first-timers to learn about India’s tradition and variety. Delhi excels as a city that combines the ancient and the modern. In contrast, Agra symbolizes the Mughal monarchy, while Jaipur’s modest people and breathtaking buildings fill your heart with delight. So if you are ready to explore India at its best, customize your Golden triangle tour packages by LIH Travels and include the following places along with the Golden Triangle circuit.

Eight Places of Golden Triangle of India You Can Add To Your Itinerary

1. Ranthambore National Park

Are you a wildlife lover willing to explore India’s wildlife? If yes, choose LIH Travel’s Golden Triangle India tour with Ranthambore. Moreover, if you are short on time, this package is the ideal option to witness the wildlife in no time. When in Ranthambore, visit the historic Ranthambore Fort and enjoy the tiger safari at the famed Ranthambore National Park. India’s most famous wildlife reserve is renowned for its tigers. Apart from that, you will also get the opportunity to spot other animals.

2. Amritsar

So if you are looking for other additional places of Golden Triangle of India, add Amritsar. LIH Travel also offers Golden Triangle Tour with Amritsar. Amritsar is among the holy cities of the Sikhs, allowing you to visit the Golden Temple, among the holiest and most revered places in India. Further, Amritsar, the biggest city in Punjab, is among the most spiritual Indian cities. Apart from the serenity of religion, several attractions would captivate you with their magnificence.

3. Varanasi

Including the religious capital of our nation, Varanasi, on the itinerary will allow you to discover the magnificent landscape of India. Moreover, it is the best place to experience India’s cultural richness. Varanasi, also known as Kashi, is a prominent destination for pilgrims to bathe in the Ganges. 

Due to its numerous ghats, iconic temples, unique rituals, and dynamic religious festivals, individuals are several tourists include this among the places of Golden Triangle of India. Varanasi is a vegetarian cuisine lover’s delight. You may get reasonable, flavorful street food from stalls throughout the city. 

4. Khajuraho

Among the places of Golden Triangle of India, visiting Khajuraho is a must. Khajuraho is notable for its historical allure and boasts some of the world’s oldest and finest temples! Madhya Pradesh’s UNESCO world heritage site is remarkable for its beautiful ancient temples with stunning wall carvings. The exquisitely crafted statues will undoubtedly enchant you. Moreover, the architectural splendor of the temples draws travelers from throughout the globe.

5. Rishikesh

Imagine yourself resting on the Ganges ghats watching the tranquil river, or camping under a night sky filled with a million sparkling stars. So this is something you may experience and feel throughout your time in Rishikesh.

Rishikesh is the hub for various adventure activities, including river rafting, mountaineering, rappelling, hiking, and camping. Apart from adventure activities, there are several yoga schools where you may practice yoga and discover the spiritual realm. So if you are looking for places of Golden Triangle of India that will offer you the ultimate peace, add Rishikesh to your itinerary.

6. Haridwar

Haridwar is notable for its pilgrimage sites, outdoor adventures, and tranquil tourist attractions. It is one of the top destinations for those seeking serenity and spirituality. Further, one may visit temples, wander along the riverbanks, take a holy bath in the Ganges, or take in the tranquil atmosphere of this magnificent location.

7. Udaipur

LIH Travels presents you Golden Triangle tour with Udaipur. Hence, among the places of Golden Triangle of India, include Udaipur in your itinerary. Udaipur is notable for its stunning lakes and waterways. Further, Udaipur is a visitor’s ideal destination due to its picturesque lakes and magnificent mountain vistas, making it a dream location for any tourist. It is a must-visit ideal destination in India owing to its picturesque settings and rich history. Additionally, there is no greater experience or viewpoint than taking a boat trip and experiencing the fantastic sunset.

8. Goa

Further, enjoy delectable cuisine and fancy drinks, and enjoy the vibrant nightlife. Goa is well famous for its beaches and coastlines and is most popular for a nice holiday throughout the winter. Enjoy the early beach parties and the evening celebrations. Because of its vibrant, never-ending nightlife, Goa must be on your itinerary. This city has a fantastic and energetic nightlife that includes pubs, nightclubs, seaside shacks, and much more.


So these are some of the most popular places of Golden Triangle of India that travelers include in their itinerary. Book your holiday with LIH Travel.

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