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Top Trends in Global Capital Markets for 2023 


From a macroeconomics perspective, the global economy is fragile. Numerous unprecedented confluences of global factors such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, lockdowns in China, extreme supply chain disruptions, the steep rise in inflation, and tightening monetary policy injects uncertainty in global economy. 

Emerging market such as Japan has been in a major bear market for last few years, but as we move forward the tide could be turning. When compared to western markets, valuations of the emerging market equities are quite cheap. With the help of the capital markets technology solutions, analysts are able to spot cyclical trends.

And according to analysts, cyclical winds are shifting in favor of emerging markets as global inflation rate eases faster than projected before. As Fed put rate hikes on pause, the dominance of U.S. dollar is expected to decline. In fact, integration of capital markets technology is expected to fast track the process.  

The application of fintech in capital markets is expected to improve the customer experience as a whole. To a larger extent, the price tag, quality, and the customer experience play a critical role in the process of identifying, selecting, buying, and enjoying the product and services.  

At a macro level, Financial markets technology solutions help streamline operations and eliminate barrier from the overall customer experience. Modern capital markets technology provides data-driven insights and recommendations that help clients choose what to opt for based on the price analytics.

Deployment of the capital markets technology solutions will help make customer support services efficient – especially the after-sales support. 

In the digital space, the metaverse is considered to be the next evolutionary stage of the internet. As we move forward, metaverse is expected to integrate virtual capital markets technology within their ecosystem.

Metaverse is expected to become the place where consumers can interact with brands, make trades using cryptocurrencies, and experience immersive technology such as 3D place and games.  

The primary advantages of capital markets technology that could provide you a competitive advantage.

1] Efficiency
Blockchain technology promotes process efficiency, transparency, and traceability in capital markets.

2] Flexibility
Capital market technology enables organizations to quickly respond to shifting markets and developing client expectations.

3] Quicker transactions
Banks and investors can leverage the power of blockchain technology by issuing and transacting valuable digital assets on the blockchain, such as green bonds and digital stocks.

4] Lowering of counter-party risks
The use of Blockchain Technology in financial markets eliminates the inherent counterparty risk that arises during the transfer of ownership of assets like bonds.

5] Built-in Privacy
The privacy, integrity, and authenticity of financial data processed and maintained in capital markets using distributed ledger technology are preserved throughout, even beyond the asset life-cycle.

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