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Top 8 Security Tips To Secure Linux VPS Egypt

In this digital world, Security has become a major problem for online businesses. Due to security issues, the website owners are transferring their hosting to a Virtual Private Server. VPS gives strong security to small and large businesses and helps to secure the data on the Internet. Also, Linux VPS Egypt comes at an affordable cost with many benefits. 

Therefore, Linux VPS Server is an open-source Operating System that manages the Central Processing Unit (CPU), Storage and bandwidth, and other dedicated resources on your server in Egypt.

Below you will know about the Benefits of Linux VPS Egypt and Top 8 Security Tips to Secure Linux VPS Server.

Benefits of Linux VPS Hosting Egypt

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The benefits of using Linux VPS In Egypt are-

  • Linux VPS is an open-source and cost-effective server. Therefore, you need not pay fees for maintenance and other support like the Windows Operating System. 
  • You will get high scalability under the Linux VPS Egypt. This will help you to scale up the resources as per your website’s needs. 
  • It offers high speed and performance under the virtual private server. It will help your website to load quickly on the browser.
  • Under Linux Egypt VPS Server, you will get dedicated resources such as a large amount of storage, RAM, security with data backup protection, technical support, and other things. 
  • Linux VPS provides complete technical support from IT Team in Egypt. Therefore, if you have any type of query then you can contact them via phone, email, live chat, and through the ticket system.

Top 8 Security Tips to Secure Linux VPS in Egypt

Create a Strong Password

Security is most crucial for online businesses. Firstly, what you need to do is create a strong password and enable a two-factor verification to secure your information. Therefore, the password should contain at least 10 characters including Lowercase and Uppercase letters. 

Moreover, Two Factor Authentication offers an extra layer of security and it also reduces the risk of security issues. Also, it can develop resistance to brute force attacks and unauthorized logins to improve the security of the Linux VPS Egypt.

Use SSH Keys

SSH is a Secure Shell and it is more secure than passwords for being less user-friendly. It should be of at least 12 characters password. Therefore, when implementing a server security policy you should use SSH Key pairs to protect your resources on the Internet.

Enable Firewall 

The firewall can protect the data from unauthorized access. Therefore, it is better to inspect the firewall to ensure Linux VPS Hosting Egypt security. You can create allow and deny policy to accept or send the traffic from an IP address. 

Moreover, these rules restrict unauthorized traffic on the Linux VPS Egypt. DDoS attacks are becoming common in today’s time. So, enabling a firewall can protect your information from DDoS attacks and other dangerous threats.

Use SELinux

It is also called Security-enhanced Linux. SELinux provides high security to the Linux Egypt VPS. This allows the admin to control and access the system. Also, it uses various security policies to understand any server’s accessibility. 

Moreover, when a user tries to access the file then SELinux checks the access from Access Vector Cache (AVC). Hence, it is a better option to use SELinux to secure the Linux VPS Hosting in Egypt.  

Data Backup

It is an important option to secure the data on the internet. Data Backup is best for small and large business owners to protect their information from cyber hackers and other dangerous threats. In this, you can restore the data online in case any problem occurs on the server. 

Moreover, it is the best choice for a wide range of Linux Egypt VPS Server security tactics. 

Keep the System Up-to-Date

You have to make sure to update the information regularly to keep the Linux VPS Egypt secure from malicious attacks. Also, you can enable the automatic updates option that will allow the system to keep everything up to date. 

Moreover, try to update the CMS (Content Management System), Plugins, and other functions to reduce security problems. 

Uninstall all Unnecessary Software and Applications

Unnecessary tools may cause security risks in the long run. So, you should perform a cyber security audit at least once a year. Therefore, it can improve your server speed at optimal efficiency while installing the new applications. 

Turn off External Device Booting

The hackers use external devices such as USB drives to access the information from the website. Therefore, you can turn off the external device booting to reduce malicious attacks and other dangerous threats. 

Moreover, to protect the data on the internet then you have to make sure to turn off the external devices booting to secure the Linux VPS Egypt Hosting. 


Above, you have learned about the Top 8 Security Tips to Secure Linux VPS in Egypt. Therefore, Security is the most important concern for online businesses. This helps to protect your data and information safely and securely on the Internet. It helps to secure the information from cyber attacks such as malware, DDoS attacks, and other threats.

Linux VPS in Egypt is the best option for online businesses such as software developers, web developers, E-commerce, Education, and other online businesses. 

Moreover, you may choose Linux VPS Hosting from Serverwala Data Center because it offers strong security with DDoS protections, a Firewall, and more others. Also, it comes at an affordable cost with various features such as 100 Mb/s speed, large storage and bandwidth, 99.90% uptime, root access, Dedicated Resources, and 24/7 Customer Support.

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