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What Does Twitter Blue Cost and What Does It Do?

To develop innovative approaches to enhancing customers’ online experiences, Twitter introduced Twitter Blue, a paid subscription service.

Although it has only launched in a few nations thus far, growth is planned. Users can access unique features and more with the subscription. How much does Twitter Blue cost, and what precisely is it? Is the cost even justified? Find out by reading on.

What is Twitter Blue?

Twitter Blue subscribers have exclusive access to several premium features and customizations in exchange for a monthly fee. In June 2021, Twitter Blue made its debut in Australia and Canada. The United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand were later added to the list of countries where it was available.

The free version of the app is still accessible to users in supported countries and is not replaced by Twitter Blue. Only iOS users can access it.

There are several unique features included with Twitter Blue, including:

Undo Tweets: If you have a Twitter Blue subscription, you can take back a post you made but later changed your mind about. To make sure your post is free of errors, you can also preview the content.

Reader Mode: Twitter Blue features a “Reader Mode” feature that makes threads read more like articles. As profile pictures, usernames, timestamps, and other information are hidden from view, it looks more seamless.

Bookmarking Folders: Twitter’s free edition allows you to bookmark news sources. However, Twitter Blue gives you the option to group items into folders.

Edit Tweets: After you post a tweet, you have a brief time limit to edit it.

Custom Navigation: You can customize the navigation by selecting icons in the bottom bar.

Custom App Icons and Themes: A variety of colors and options are available for your device’s Twitter app icon and theme.

Top Articles: To help you quickly identify the news stories you’re interested in, you’ll get access to a shortcut to the ones most often shared in your Twitter network.

What is the cost of Twitter Blue?

Whether you have the old or new plan, Twitter Blue costs between $4.99 and $7.99. Before November 2022, this cost was $4.99, a significant increase. Following his purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk raised the price.

The price rise was accompanied by a blue verified check mark for people who made a payment. According to the Washington Post, there was much criticism over introducing this feature, exclusive to iOS.

However, the more expensive plan was suspended on November 9, 2022, due to verification problems. Existing customers can continue on the $4.99 plan until they cancel their subscription. If your account was created before November 9, 2022, you could upgrade to the $7.99 plan.

According to the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, who paid $44 billion to acquire Twitter in October, the new verification mechanism will be “the great leveller” and provide “power to the people.” He has been an outspoken opponent of Twitter’s former system, which granted verification to notable users in order.

To establish their authenticity, including politicians, businesspeople, members of the press, and organizations. Similar authentication processes are used by Facebook and Instagram, two other social networks owned by Meta.

Under the new service, users verified by Twitter’s previous standards are labelled as legacy verified accounts that “may not be remarkable.” However, in a tweet posted on Monday, Musk stated that all legacy blue checks would be eliminated soon. They were distributed in a crooked and senseless manner.

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