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10 Best Strategies to Sell More with Facebook in 2022

Do you use Facebook and Facebook Ads so that your brand has more visibility and invoices more each month?

It is a fantastic way to introduce your products or services to a larger audience. The most important thing is that it is the right audience since the targeting options on the platform are very powerful.

If you have an online project, Facebook is the easiest way to make yourself known to your ideal client and then take it to your website to close the first of many sales finally. In this article, I reveal 10 strategies to sell more on Facebook that you can apply today.

With certain tips and tricks that I have already put into practice with good results, you can squeeze even more value from your customers. Getting more clicks, more visits, and more sales.

1. Use the multi-product carousel format

Facebook allows you to create carousel and multi-product collection posts and ads. With this format, the click rate is higher, and the costs are lower.

Firstly, it is an extremely interactive format that leads users to scroll through images to continue viewing more products. The desire comes to the click, which attracts more people to your website.

In addition, as it is a multi-product, you select the images you want to be displayed, so you can tell a story or arouse curiosity with images that join together to form a total image.

In Facebook Ads, this option also gets more clicks and actions. If you go for this format and with an image that tells a story, remember not to leave the option “show cards with better results first” checked. Otherwise, it will come out messy, and your ad will lose its spark.

Another option with Facebook Ads is to feed this multi-product with the products from the product catalog of your Facebook advertising account so that you won’t have to complete parameters such as the name of the product or price.

In addition, Facebook Ads will show the most relevant and related ads for the user of the catalog that you have selected. These 100% customizable catalogs will lead you to get more clicks on your ads and better CTR.

2. Use the video above all things

The Facebook algorithm actively prioritizes video content. By using it, it is much more likely that your ad will find the difference in the feed of your potential customers.

Statistics show that more than half of Facebook users view videos for longer than images on the social network.

Your community is more likely to stop when they see an auto-playing video that also has an interesting start than if it’s just an image.

If you bet on Facebook video Ads again, the video will captivate your audience and especially if you combine it with the collection format or a carousel with a video on the first card.

Whether you want to create short Facebook ads or other entertaining videos, you can count on FlexClip video maker. It is on top of my most-used video tools list for creating short videos, and it has a large number of fancy templates that you can’t find elsewhere.

3. Promote a post that has organically swept

If organically your publication has had a high rate of clicks and engagement, imagine if you advertise it.

Promoting an existing post is a great idea, being able to select the one that has generated the most shares, clicks, and interactions because you already know it works.

The next step will be to show it strategically. What do you want to achieve? Bet on giving your brand visibility and promoting it to new people who are interested in your brand and products.

4. Stop selling!

I want you to stick to this rule.

Marketing and sales have the following ratio: 75% marketing and 25% sales. Stop trying to sell with each of your posts.

We’re so used to seeing posts that are sneakily trying to sell, so we automatically ignore them. Yes, I do, too sometimes.

Focus on the user, solving their problems and needs, and adding value to each publication. Bet on content with curious data, studies, and even unknown tips and resources. That will make them trust you and your brand.

5. Create calls to action

I love it, it’s a simple feature of Facebook that has jumped from the realm of advertising to organic posts, and that is to add a button. It is very little used action, but a good way to seek interaction and communication with your audience.

If you bet on advertising, the customization options for this button are multiplied, being able to configure it according to the objective of your ad. In the dropdown, you will find different calls to action such as “buy,” “register,” and “see more.”

6. Who is going to buy from you if no one knows you

It’s the question I always ask businesses that are just starting out. They only look for the sale, and this is a mistake. Remember a customer’s buying cycle: attention, interest, desire, and action.

In the online sphere, the audience follows the same process. You have to get their attention, arouse their interest, win their desire, and ultimately bring them up for sale.

That is why I recommend making publications and advertisements promoting your brand. It is a way of selling without selling. Strengthen your identity, and create posts and ads that are visual, inspirational, and viral in nature.

7. Create advertising campaigns in which you address your website visitors

It is the technique that we know in marketing as retargeting. It consists of impacting users who already know us but who have not carried out the final action, the purchase.

Therefore, it is much more effective to target people who have visited your website since they are familiar with your brand, have browsed your website, and have a connection. The objective is to remind them that you are still there! And strengthen your brand identity in their mind.

Remember that to carry out this type of audience. You must have the Facebook pixel installed on your website so that it can collect information about who has visited your website.

To make an audience of visitors to your website, you must go to the audiences or audiences section, personalized audiences, and choose the “website traffic” option.

8. What happens to your subscribers

We think that impacting them with emails is enough, but my experience is that it is not. Carry out advertising campaigns targeting those who are registered in your database.

They are interested in you, know you, and are part of your community, but this does not mean that email marketing is the only form of communication. Impressing them with your Facebook ads will increase their awareness of your brand and lead them to purchase.

9. Impacting users who are buyers

Did you know that this behavior option is available within Facebook and Instagram Ads? That’s right, it is a behavior that encompasses those users who have clicked the buy button in the last week.

This means that if you are selling online, the segmentation that you have created, whether from a saved, similar or personalized audience, you can limit by selecting this option in the segmentation section of your ad set.

10. White backgrounds for your publications

Advertising and sales experts have conducted hundreds of tests and have concluded that white backgrounds generate more clicks. Why? Because it attracts more attention. In fact, web designers use white space to make the main objective stand out more to the eye.


You already know the 10 strategies that you can apply today to sell without selling more on Facebook.

Take into account basic details such as the correct definition of your ideal client, clear objectives, and knowing what results from you are obtaining as a result of these actions.

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