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14 Eye-Catching Flyer Design Templates And Examples

Flyers are used to market any business or event. Designing and printing them can be cheaper than paying for a billboard, overhauling a website, or running social media ads. There are many tools and templates out there to help you create the perfect flyer design for your business.  

Depending on how and where you hand out a flyer, you can get yourself in front of a targeted audience. Therefore, consider where your audience spends most of their time: are there any small businesses or coffee shops? And then post your flyer there. 

Marketing Flyer Design Examples For Inspiration 

  1. Business-To-Business (B2B) Flyer

What this corporate flyer does well:

  • Visually Interesting: Color-blocking, bold fonts, and transparent overlays give this flyer a modern look. 
  • Tells You The Benefit Upfront: In B2B marketing, “convert” is a buzzword. This flyer helps you convert more customers through the improvement of your branding. 
  • Name And Logo Are Clear: You can immediately tell whose flyer this is. However, don’t make people search for your company – they are likely to just walk away.
  1. Culinary Event Flyer

  What this event flyer does well: 

  • Elegant Design: Keeping text concise and freely spaced design elements make this flyer look sophisticated. 
  • Striking Background: Creative photography and an edge-to-edge background image make this flyer a true attention-getter. 
  • Details Are Front-and-Center: The event’s date and location are easy to spot. 
  1. Film Festival Flyer

What this festival flyer does well:

  • Geometry Cool: This flyer has geometric shapes in the text and images that create a 3D effect, thus making this flyer stand out. 
  • Eye-Catching Title: The slightly-tilted event title is almost impossible not to read. When you create a flyer headline, keep the design in mind – You don’t need an edgy headline or bold claim to attract attention.  
  • Find Them Online: Including the festival website and social handle makes it easy for people to contact the festival and learn more.
  1. Holiday Shopping Event Flyer

What this art marketing flyer does well:

  • Beautiful Illustration: A hand-drawn flyer design perfectly fits the theme of a local art market. 
  • Branded Hashtag: Incorporating a hashtag for your event helps the audience find you online and also share their own pictures of your event.
  1. Informational Copywriting Service Flyer

What this informational flyer does well:

  • Powerful Headline: The second heading definitely caught my attention! So, make sure the headline makes readers want to keep reading your flyer.  
  • Full Of Information: This is one situation where minimal copy is not the right move. When your flyer is someone’s initial introduction to your service, and the goal for them is to book, buy, and sign up – provide as much information as they need to decide.  
  • Simple Yet Professional Layout: This flyer offers a professional service to other businesswomen. However, it makes sense not to use an unnecessary layout.
  1. Web Design Company Flyer 

What this professional flyer does well:

  • Professional Design: A flyer for a business that creates professional web designs should reflect the same aesthetic. 
  • Template: Canva offers premium flyer design services and solutions to any business. Its simple and clean template with a faint color scheme perfectly fits the bill.
  • Icons: Using icons for each service makes the flyer easier to read (especially for readers on the go).   
  • Call-To-Action: This flyer has a clear and low-friction call-to-action for prospective clients who like it when they see “Get In Touch”.
  1. Corporate Branding Flyer

What this advertising flyer does well:

  • Pop Of Color: The yellow logo and headline against a faint background image make the flyer stand out.
  • Powerful Headline: More attention to your business = more sales. This headline provokes curiosity with a solution to a global business conundrum: How to attract more eyes to your business.
  1. Minimalist Flyer Designs   

What the minimalist flyer design does well:

  • Provokes Curiosity: The lack of text develops interest, thus making people want to look closer and know what the flyer is all about. 
  • Visually Satisfying: The well-arranged geometric designs are aesthetically appealing. Therefore, keep your flyer neat and organized to make it easy for the eye. 
  • Social Media Handle: The bottom of each flyer incorporates the event host’s social media handle. Once people’s interest is aroused, they will want to learn more info. 
  1. Monochromatic Art Show Flyer

What this art show flyer does well:

  • Creative Spacing: This simple design makes ample use of fun fonts and negative space. Dynamic use of typography can make your flyer design more interesting – no bright colors or graphics necessary.
  • Monochromatic: The all-black text and sepia-toned background give this flyer a unique flair. 
  • Unexpected Design: The super-thin right column with brand logos and vertical text is unusual and visually interesting. 
  1.  Handwritten Event Flyer

What this event flyer does well:

  • Hand-drawn Trend: The typography and design on this poster are trendy. So, don’t hesitate to try new design trends on your flyers. 
  • Negative Space: Here, the negative space works well to centralize the important information.
  • Clear And Detailed: This flyer has all the necessary information for the event, including perks like catering, an open bar, or an auction.
  1.  Modern Food Festival Flyer

What this modern festival flyer does well:

  • Balanced Text And Imagery: The complementary colors and modern, fascinating designs make this flyer easy on the eyes. 
  • Subtle Culinary Theme: Instead of emphasizing food festival images, the subtle cutlery graphics support the culinary theme in a fine way that matches the event’s vibe. 
  • Easy To Find Details: Don’t make it difficult for people to attend your event. The date, title, and website of this flyer’s event are all easy to find.   
  1.  Real Estate Infographic Flyer

What this infographic flyer does:

  • Data Visualization: Use an infographic to share statistics related to your business so that the data is easy to understand. If you are in an industry, like the real estate market that relies heavily on stats and numbers, using an infographic can help you make essential, data-heavy information more interesting.  
  • Contact Information: This flyer has numerous options for people who are looking to contact you about buying or selling a property. 
  • Well-Organized: There is a lot of content on this flyer, but headers and columns keep it organized as well as easy to read.
  1.  Tropical Summer Sale Flyer

What this creative flyer does well:

  • Tropical Theme: A fun theme makes your flyer design unique, and the palm leaves are the ideal vibe for a summer sale. 
  • Contact Information: This template includes a space for your website URL and phone number, thus making it easy for potential customers to contact you in multiple ways. 
  1.  Double-Sided Flyer 

What this two-sided flyer does well: 

  • Patterns And Repetition: The typography on the flyer’s front creates a pattern and texture that is visually attractive and full of relevant keywords. 
  • Pop Of Color: A stripe of bright lime green catches your attention and also highlights the most necessary information on the flyer – what the business does and how to get in touch with them. 
  • Great Copy: If you choose printing a copy on both sides of the flyer, ensure it is a good copy. This copy is simple and conversational, neither too pushy nor too salesy.
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