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5 Tips For Getting Rid Of Depigmented Gums

There are many different causes of depigmented gums and the treatments depend on the underlying cause of your discoloration. In order to help you deal with your splotchy gums, here are some tips for getting rid of depigmented gums.

1) Don’t Smoke:

Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of gum disease. So, if you smoke and have discolored gums, it is not just your teeth that will suffer—your gums will too. If you want to get rid of the yellowish or brownish color in your gums, stop smoking.
1) Stop Smoking – The first step to getting rid of discolored gums is to quit smoking altogether. Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of gum disease, so if you have gum problems and still smoke then it’s only going to get worse. Gum disease has been known to lead to tooth loss which can affect your oral hygiene and appearance.

2) Whiten Your Teeth:

1) Brush and floss your teeth regularly.

2) Use a whitening toothpaste that contains peroxide or carbamide, which are both found in tooth bleaching products.

3) Drink plenty of water so your mouth doesn’t get dry and be sure to rinse your mouth with water after drinking milk, soda, coffee, or tea.

4) Try using a tongue cleaner to remove bacteria and food particles from the surface of the tongue, which can cause bad breath.

5) Visit your dentist as they might recommend professional teeth cleaning treatment to help brighten up your smile.

3) Reduce Bleeding Gums:

The gums are a component of your smile. And if they’re dark or splotchy, you may feel shy about them. Even if you have shiny, straight, white teeth, gum discoloration can make you reluctant to smile.
The most common cause of gum depigmentation is teeth grinding during sleep. This habit can lead to a condition called night-grinding syndrome which is characterized by an increased incidence of periodontal disease and tooth wear in the jaw joint area during sleep. If you are experiencing bleeding gums and live in Denver, CO, there is help available! Dr.

4) Eat Healthier:

As it is, the best way to get rid of dark gums is to visit your dentist and let them know what you’re looking for. They will be able to recommend a treatment plan that will help you achieve your desired results without any undue pain or discomfort.
Here are some other things you can do:

  • Clean your teeth twice a day with antibacterial toothpaste.
  • Brush more gently than usual, so as not to irritate the delicate gum tissue and cause further discoloration.

5) Follow Dentist’s Recommendations:

The best way to get rid of depigmented gums is to visit your dentist and follow their recommendations. Dentists can usually provide you with a variety of treatments, such as bleaching or laser therapy, which will help to lighten and brighten your teeth. If you’re more interested in an at-home solution, there are plenty out there. You can purchase over-the-counter products at most drug stores that will lighten your teeth. These products contain peroxide or hydrogen peroxide which will penetrate the tooth’s enamel and dissolve stains on the surface. However, this type of treatment won’t whiten deep stains in the gum line like those that come from smoking or coffee drinking.

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