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6 Unique things to do in Santo Domingo

If you are planning for the trip but at the same time you are confused where to go? Then, Santo Domingo is the best place for your vacation. 

The most popular area of the city for tourists is Santo Domingo’s Zona Colonial, which is also where the majority of the major tourist attractions are situated. The historic district is a charming fusion of past and present Dominican culture.

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A constant reminder of this city’s remarkable past can be found among the crumbling remnants of the 16th century that are strewn among beautifully restored colonial structures.

1 National Botanical Gardens

The National Botanical Garden is a gorgeous and breath-taking location where one may experience the natural beauty and tropical environment of the Dominican Republic. It was initially created to recognise and protect Santo Domingo’s native flora. If you’re in Santo Domingo, it ought to be at the top of your list of things to do. Orchids and tropical palms are among the exotic and aquatic plant species that can be found in the gardens. You can look through the Japanese garden area as well.

2 The 3 Eyes National Park

The 3 Eyes National Park, which features lovely ponds and even bats that live in its tunnels, is a lovely location to explore in Santo Domingo. If you’re going to the Dominican Republic, you must go there. Three lakes, hidden by limestone tunnels, make up the natural ecosystem. You can discover the formation of the lakes while on the cruise. You can take a boat over the second lake to a fourth lake that isn’t one of the three eyes, and the stairs are built of natural rock.

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3 Alcazar de Colon

In the Dominican Republic, the Alcazar de Colon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a location or residence that dates back to viceregal rule in America. It features displays of Renaissance and Middle Ages art in addition to other historical items. situated in the colonial Spanish mansion, rooms, gardens, and courtyards. You can learn about the colonial era’s historical significance by joining a group tour of this cultural site. Anyone with a passion for Dominican Republic history ought to definitely visit this area.

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4 Museum of the Royal Houses

Visit the Museum of the Royal Houses, a location with historical value, to learn more about the history of the Dominican Republic. In Santo Domingo, the homes are a magnificent example of Spanish colonial architecture. The Royal Court and the government offices are located in the first building. Government employees were housed in the second structure. The museum also houses a large collection of artefacts and vintage firearms.

 5 Parque Colón

The historic Parque Colon square is located in Santo Domingo’s colonial neighbourhood. The CatedralPrimada de América (the First Cathedral of the New World), the Alcázar de Colón, Calle Las Damas, and a tonne of other restaurants are all located to the south of the park. In Santo Domingo, this area is well-known, and the architectural sculptures that surround it reflect the region’s rich historical background.

6 Juan Dolio and Guayacanes

It is strongly advised to take a journey or a day trip to Juan Dolio and Guayacanes, which are near to the Santo Domingo city centre. These beaches offer the ideal setting for relaxation, and the local restaurants are excellent. Because they are much more calm and less busy, the beaches are an excellent place to explore and relax. Swim in the lovely, clean water, or simply relax on one of the hired chairs or umbrellas.

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