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7 Factors to Choose CBSE School Education for Your Kids

When children are about to start their academic careers, the challenge of selecting the best educational board starts bothering parents. The selection of a board brings a remarkable difference in the learning and academic development of children. The Indian education system consists of schools that follow various boards like the state board, CBSE, ICSE, and certain international schools also offer IB.

If you are concerned about giving quality education to your child for overall growth, you may consider selecting a school that follows the CBSE curriculum. Moreover, many students who have qualified their class 10th board from a different board might be looking for the benefits of joining CBSE schools near me for 11 and 12.

This blog explained the benefits of joining a CBSE school in Bangalore.

Why Join a CBSE School?

CBSE focuses on preparing students to excel in all walks of life. It does not focus on any particular section while imparting knowledge. The points mentioned below elaborate on the benefits of selecting CBSE:

Internationally recognized syllabus

The syllabus of CBSE is recognised at a global level. Moreover, 21 countries across the world follow the CBSE curriculum for educating their children. The predominant factor of their syllabus is an adaptable education for the students. It promotes the overall development of students by giving equal importance to education, sports, social awareness, and co-curricular activities. All these factors prepare students to compete at a global level.

Qualified faculty members

The CBSE schools follow strict guidelines to employ highly qualified teachers. These teachers provide a safe and friendly learning environment to students, which is essential for doubt clearance. Teachers also ensure a disciplined environment for students where they can work hard to improve their knowledge and get success. In addition, the faculties teach students to treat each other with respect and equality.

Balanced academic and extracurricular activities

The well-researched and properly drafted syllabus of CBSE focuses on helping children grow into educated, confident, and self-assured human beings. The extracurricular activities ensure efficient development of the student’s brain, which broadens their approach and perspective towards studies and social interaction. Each activity included in the curriculum is carefully selected with the purpose of nurturing young talents and enhancing their life in general.

Flexibility in the Medium of Instruction

CBSE board follows both English and Hindi language as the instruction medium. The teaching approach of CBSE schools keeps improving with time to increase the competitiveness of students. Therefore, if you are looking for a CBSE school near me for class 11 and 12, it is crucial to look for their language of instruction before taking admission.

Easy exam pattern

The exam pattern of CBSE primarily focuses on the student’s knowledge about a subject. For this, students are expected to provide a direct answer to the questions instead of writing an elaborate story. Therefore, marks are also awarded on every step that students follow while writing their answers.

Well drafted sourcebooks

All the CBSE schools follow courses designed by the NCERT. The textbooks of NCERT are designed and drafted by highly qualified subject matter experts, and these books also serve as the syllabus for most competitive exams.

Excursion trips

The CBSE schools keep organising excursion trips for their students to make them independent and self-reliant while connecting them to nature, history, and culture. The International school fees in Bangalore include the expenditure of these excursion tips.


Selecting a good school for your child can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. However, if you want to give the best educational environment to your child for overall growth, CBSE school can be an optimum option for you.

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