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8 par Qualities of the Best School in Jaipur- VSI International School

Recently, the most esteemed and proposed School in Jaipur Pratap Nagar is VSI International School, which got the award of “Emerging School of Jaipur” for its perpetual participation in Jaipur’s education system.

Also, it is declared the most desirable School in Pratap Nagar Jaipur because it has all the basic essential characteristics needed by any good school. The VSI International school is affiliated with the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE).

Basic 8 Qualities Points of School in Pratap Nagar

Here are some of the essential points which determine the quality of a top school in Pratap Nagar Jaipur:

  • The school goal is to provide healthy educational surroundings.
  • Guarantees the protection of the children’s, 
  • presents excellent infrastructure amenities, 
  • And also encourage kids for external classroom performances along with educational advancement. 
  • Even if a school has an economical fee structure, it is a plus’s point to the qualities mentioned above and furnishes the enormous advantage over other schools. 

VSI International School satisfies all these points as one of Pratap Nagar Jaipur’s best schools. Also, the School is famous for a senior secondary school and the best play school in Jaipur.

Educational Programs at VSI International School

Playgroup sessions: The educational curriculum in elementary empowers kids to study fundamental things like numbers, poems, alphabet etc. VSI International promotes study design to focus on visual learning. Also, the School helps the kids a better understanding of how to write.

Students from 1 to 5 classes have fewer materials to strengthen their rational capacities. The teachers’ goal is to make learners comfortable with the various core fields of study and improve their interests.

6th to 8th Standard classes: The course of study in classes 6th to 8th is higher than the primary level.

Classes for 9th to 12th Standard: VSI International is also a leading senior secondary school in Jaipur. Student’s knowledge inclinations are examined in the 9th and 10th classes as they are revealed to a broad study topic. This allows them to recognise their regions of interest.

In class 11th and 12th, children have an opportunity to pick the subjects as per their capabilities.

Above all, VSI International deliver courses for all fields: Arts, Commerce and Science.

#1 Extra-Curricular Activities

In recent time co-curricular activities are becoming essential for every student in personal development, but it is neglected in some educational institutions. At VSI International, students can participate in various types of exercises and explore their interests.

Activities of VSI international school-

  • Theatre
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Art and Painting
  • Quiz and debates
  • Dance

#2 Abacus classes in the Best School of Pratap Nagar Jaipur

The School accompanies daily abacus lessons, encouraging students to improve their calculation speed and solve them correctly.

#3 Economical fees

Education is the virtue of every child and equally crucial for them. Additionally, Students deserve an equal possibility to acquire and develop.

Nowadays, every parent wants for their toddlers the best education in the best School. But many schools have raised institutional fees, which makes it hard for parents to afford the best education for their children.

VSI International School conceded this situation made its fee structure economically so that every parent could afford the best education facility.

# 4 English Speaking Classes

VSI International is the superior English Medium School in Jaipur. It exercises English as the chief style of conversation and has specialised English Speaking Sessions for all students. With such lectures students, learn their English speaking and listening arts.

#5 Infrastructure Facilities

Reliable infrastructure at schools promotes an excellent educational experience for students. At VSI International School, you will get a reliable infrastructure that will encourage your kid to learn happily

In addition, they also have science and computer labs, furnished with the required instruments. Also, the School is having a Math lab, where your child can experience and learn theories in compelling ways by solving puzzles and games.

Moreover, VSI International school has a playground where kids can perform multiple games and sports. There are tutors for Basketball, Judo & Karate, Cricket, Tennis and several more.

# 6 Studying atmosphere of English medium School in Pratap Nagar Jaipur

The learning atmosphere of the School plays an influential role in the growth of learners. Before registering your kid in any school, you must inspect the school environment. A school is another home where your toddlers feel joyful.

However, VSI International, the rbse School in Pratap Nagar Jaipur, provide the best study environment, which is pleasant and psychologically stress-free for the kids. Hence, the students feel love and care in VSI international school.

# 7 Security of School in Jaipur Pratap Nagar

Nowadays, the safety of the students is must required. Even in schools, taking security measures for students is imperative, particularly after the increased number of incidence due to safety failures in the last few years. Hence, the School which gives you more protection is in demand for kids.

In reality, VSI International School facilitates all the safety precaution which is required in every School. Also, the School serves all the MHRD protection parameters and the National School Safety Guidelines made by the National Disaster Management Authority.

Moreover, School has carried out the following safety steps:

  • Firstly, authentication of every teaching faculty,
  • Secondly, CCTV is placed over the school and GPS trackers installed in every bus,
  • Lastly, Visitor Management System.

#8 Convenience Facility

A convenience facility is the essential requirement of every parent for their toddlers. And if they get this facility, they are happier to enrol their kid in that School as the transportation services provided by the School is safer rather than hiring any vehicle for rent.

Therefore, VSI international school provides the best convenient facility for the child. Even they have provided A.C busses from Sanganer, Tonk Road, Durgapura, and all over the Jaipur city. And also, for small kids, an attendant is there on every bus.

VSI International School – Contact Information

At last, for registering your kid in the best school in Jaipur Pratap Nagar. You need to check out the contact information and location of the school in Jaipur city.

Given below is the details of VSI international school:

  • Address: Sec. 5 Pratap Nagar, Tonk Road Sanganer, Jaipur (Raj.) 302033
  • Tel: 0141 – 2793080
  • Mob: 9309305656
  • vsiinternationaljaipur@gmail.com

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