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Why Is a CDN Important for Live Streaming?

A seamless and uninterrupted live streaming is the only thing a host expects from their event. That’s why the live streaming services offer the CDN for easy streaming.

Still, are you confused about why you must use the CDN in your live streaming? So, here is a comprehensive list of reasons that can clear you of the importance of CDN.

10 Reasons CDN Is Important for Live Streaming!

1. Scalability

CDN is the fastest and most reliable way to spread your content to numerous across-the-world audiences. Its scalability is the biggest reason to use the CDN in live streaming. You can create better viral viewership spikes and reach a wide range of people.

Moreover, the best live streaming services ensure that your live streaming has high-quality content, global availability, and high performance. So, you can achieve a significant reach to the international audience with the CDN integration of your live streaming.

2. Quality

You can get excellent quality work by using the CDN for your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn live streaming events, etc. It can be helpful to make the visual and audio of your event better. Moreover, you can make the event qualitative with a better resolution and clear sound, which CDN can help you. So, it can make your audio and video sync together.

3. Speed

You do not have to think about the streaming time. It is just a second’s work with the speed provided by the CDN. Moreover, you do not have to think about the time the server will take to streamline your event online. It will only take seconds as the CDN clears the streamline for every work.

The live streaming services providers offer the time to time work with an option for late streaming. So, you can decide whether you want on-time streaming or a delay of some minutes from live streaming to pre-recorded sessions.

4. Reduce Buffering

You do not have to worry about buffering or anything. It will be all taken care of by the CDN. Moreover, your attendees can experience bufferless streaming with a proper internet connection. The live streaming services experts ensure the reduction in buffering time and seamless live streaming with CDN.

So, you can create a better user experience by avoiding buffering, which is one of the reasons you must use the CDN in live streaming.

5. Reliability and security

CDN is a reliable aspect for qualitative live-streaming among the various platforms. You can rely on a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their CDN data centres completely. Moreover, it makes a seamless and immersive experience for all audiences.

The live streaming provider suggests taking the CDN service as it prevents the effect of the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. It can handle and secure your site or resource from the flood of multiple, simultaneous attempts to breach it.

6. Affordable infrastructure

Building their own global network of servers is not an option for every content distributor. Only some mega can elect to do so. But CDN services can be helpful in broadcasting to outsource infrastructure and maintenance costs with a complete benefit from the same global delivery power.

The webcast service provider makes the work easy for live streaming with CDN’s flawless and seamless broadcasting.

7. Ensure Sufficient Bandwidth For High Traffic Periods

Ensure you have sufficient bandwidth eleven if there is a high traffic period. Hence, most people reach the live streaming services in India to get more benefits and perks with the CDN availability.

They clear all the traffic and make the bandwidth approachable for the audiences. Moreover, you can evade the origin servers from getting overwhelmed, even if your request exceeds their bandwidth limit.

8. Reduce Latency And Round-Trip Time

The requests for live streaming have to go all the way to the origin server, and the content has to travel all the way back. That takes a lot of time and creates latency in live streaming.

So, you will need the right live streaming provider who can make this work faster. Hence, the experts use the CDN in order to cut down the round-trip time or RTT. Moreover, it minimizes latency and buffering to keep events live streaming in real-time.

9. Helps in Live Streaming to A Global Audience

You can reach a global audience with your live streaming event with CDN. There will be no boundaries for the audiences. They can enjoy the event to the fullest, irrespective of where they are now and what devices they have at that time. The CDN servers will keep the viewing experience similar and minimize the latency and buffering.

10. Reduce The Workload On Origin Servers

You can save yourself from the original server overloading. CDN can protect the original servers from overload and keep them operational. Facebook live streaming takes a lot of computing power for a single server to respond to requests. So, you can use the CDN to offload all the workload from the origin servers to the network.

So, these are the various reasons a CDN is essential for live streaming. You can create a seamless and uninterrupted experience for the users with CDN protection.

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