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Comparison of Macro and Micro-Influencers

If you are looking to adopt an Influencer Marketing strategy and want to navigate the world of Influencer Marketing. So you’re not the only person thinking this. You must have seen everywhere that both micro and macro influencers can be beneficial for your brand. Coming here the process becomes complicated as to which of the two is the best. If you have a good budget then both of you can work with Influencers.

In this article, we will tell you about some of the differences between Micro and Macro influencers. With the help of these differences, you will be able to find the right influencer among these two. Let’s take a look inside.

Who are Micro-Influencers?

Micro-Influencer is a small type of Influencer, they are those influencers who have 10 thousand to 1 lakh followers on social media. Influencers have a higher engagement rate, they stay more engaged with their audience. Apart from this, their followers trust them a lot and accept their every opinion.

What are the benefits of working with micro-influencers?

You and your brand can benefit from working with micro-influencers. Let us once thoroughly explain the benefits of Micro-Influencers.

1: Affordable for all brands.

2: Diverse reach.

3: Higher engagement rate.

4: Greater audience engagement and Authenticity.

5: Create High quality content.

6: Helps to Increase in sales

7: Bringing traffic to the website.

8: Helps to Increase brand credibility.

9: Less cost.

Who is a Macro Influencer?

Macro influencers are mainly famous people, one of the sweetest celebrities. The number of followers on their social media is between 1 lakh to 1 million. Influencers often work with brands that need to be popular on social media and appear on feeds. It increases brand awareness and visibility.

In contrast, Micro-Influencers have a very small network of people but they are very busy. They try his best to connect with their audience in maximum numbers. But working with Macro Influence can cost you a heavy price.

What are the benefits of working with Macro Influencer?

Like a micro-influencer, working with a macro-influencer also has its advantages. What are all those advantages, let’s talk about them.

1: Helps connect the brand with celebrities and larger audiences.

2: Provides an opportunity to increase popularity in a short time.

3: Provides and represents value to the brand

4: Macro influencers are easily found.

5: Saves a lot of time.

Which influencer is best in micro and macro?

The simple answer is both. Both influencers have their own characteristics that can benefit the brand in different ways. If you set your goals as to what they want to achieve, the task of choosing them becomes easier for you.

If you want to increase your brand awareness and make your brand famous on social media then you can take the help of a Macro Influencer. It can make your brand popular among famous people.

If you want to benefit your brand in every way, then choosing Micro Influencers may be best for you. It can help in increasing your sales, traffic to the website, reaching the target audience, etc. Another advantage of this is that you do not need a huge budget to work with influencers.

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