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Correct car wash method

When washing your vehicle it is important that everything is do. And to avoid possible damage and also to ensure that all areas are clean and that nothing is overlook or miss. If you wash your car yourself. you may already have your own routine that works for you and your car’s needs. And that’s fine as long as the end result is satisfying and. Most , doesn’t compromise anything during the routine. .

It’s all too easy to adopt and adopt bad habits

that could somehow damage your vehicle or compromise the results achieved. It’s worth reviewing your Bil rengøring routine every now. And then to see if there’s anything you can change. And improves to improve the experience by increasing efficiency. And improving or improving the end result.

For starters, it makes sense to have all the products

And equipment you need ready to go before you get to your car. Hoses and pressure washers should be connect to the water supply. And unwind enough to be of enough length to reach around your vehicle. Wash buckets should be fill with shampoo and fitted with grit guards. Kept near other cleaning agents such as washing tools/drying cloths, wheel cleaners. And all-purpose cleaners, and clump together all the necessary detail brushes. .

These items can accumulate in a short period of time,

so it is recommend that you bring something that you can use to keep them in a clean and safe place when you wash them. There are many such products available, from custom bags. And bags that you can attach to your buckets. To simple tool bags made of soft material that can be convert into a ‘detailing bag’. Finally, make sure your vehicle is in a suitable place before washing it. If you don’t have a driveway, this may mean moving off the road to a driveway. higher up the sidewalk, or to a cool, shady spot. When the sun is out to provide a little more workspace on the side of the road .

The first step in a car wash should always be to clean the wheels and fenders/wells.

This is because they are usually the dirtiest. And dirtiest part of a car and usually need a heavy product to clean them . If you do this after the body and paintwork has been wash. You can contaminate the clean surface with the product through spray and dirt. Also, a thorough cleaning of wheels can often take some time. Especially if they are dirty or have an elaborate design. So it makes sense to pay attention to these sub-parts early in the process. It is also recommend that you use a separate washing bucket. And wash ware for the wheels and wheel arches/wells. And do not use these parts to clean other parts of your vehicle. Especially the paintwork, as they can be contaminate with dirt and grime. sand that can be damage.

Once the wheels and wheel arches/wells are clean. you can pre-wash/rinse the car with a suitable product. Such as a traffic film remover or a snow foam-like product. change

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