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Crack NAATI Kannada and Get 5 Points Towards PR in Australia

If you are preparing for the NAATI CCL Kannada Test and want to learn the language for permanent residency in Australia, you need to take an online Kannada translation and interpretation course. The best online Kannada translation and interpretation institute is Fastforward preparation. Its tutor has extensive experience as a Kannada translator and interpreter. The course will help you pass the NAATI CCL Kannada Exam and get 5 points towards permanent residency in Australia.


The LOTE in NAATI CCC Kannada is a language proficiency test that requires candidates to understand a recording and translate it to English. The recording is based on authentic situations from Australian society. The test is given online and can be taken anywhere in the world. This means that candidates are not required to travel to Australia to take the test.

The test consists of two dialogues between English speakers, in seven different settings. Each dialogue is approximately 300 words long and is divided into segments of 35 words. The total test duration is 20 minutes. Passing the test awards the candidate with five bonus points in the Credentialed Community Language category. Candidates can take the test online by registering and activating a recording on their computer. The recording consists of two dialogues, one in English and one in LOTE. The candidates’ responses are recorded and scored for each dialogue.


The NAATI CCL Kannada test is a multilingual language proficiency test that assesses candidates’ ability to convey meaning in an English language conversation to a native speaker of a Language Other Than English (LOTE). The test consists of two dialogues, each worth 45 marks, in which you must listen to a recording and interpret the language as required. The overall score must be 63 to pass.

To be eligible for the CCL Kannada test, candidates must speak and write the language correctly. It is important that you use the language you’re most comfortable speaking. Try to speak slowly and clearly. Avoid making unnecessary pauses or mistakes. Also, try not to sacrifice fluency for translation.

naati ccl kannada test

The NAATI CCL Kannada test is a language proficiency test that assesses your ability to communicate in the community. The test is divided into two parts: listening to a recorded dialogue and translating it. The NAATI CCL Kannada test is based on authentic situations in Australian society. The listening part comprises of a recorded dialogue that carries 45 marks and the translation part requires you to translate 35 words. Each part of the test takes 30 minutes to complete. The test carries 90 marks total.

The NAATI CCL Kannada test is a relatively easy test to pass. You will need about 20 minutes to complete the test. However, it is highly recommended that you prepare thoroughly for the test. It is essential to practice and familiarize yourself with the exam format so that you can prepare effectively.

naati ccl course

If you have studied English, Hindi or Kannada but want to learn more languages, you may want to take a NAATI CCL Kannada course. This program has been designed to test language skills and is based on authentic situations from Australian society. The test consists of two dialogues that carry 45 marks each. You must understand both dialogues and then translate them correctly. If you pass the test, you will receive 5 extra VISA points.

To take the CCL test, you must first register on NAATI’s website. Next, you will need to submit a completed application form. Make sure to upload a photo of yourself, as well as your required ID. Also, make sure to pay the required fees. When your application is completed and assessed, you will be notified and given instructions for booking a test.

naati ccl exam

The NAATI CCL examination is conducted in two languages – English and Kannada. The topics of the exam are based on authentic situations found in Australian society. In both languages, the candidates have to translate a recorded dialogue. There are two dialogues of 45 marks each, and the candidates have to score 29 in both to pass. The overall target is to score 63 marks out of 90.

The CCL test is much easier to crack than other NAATI tests. The test takes only 20 minutes and the structure is quite straightforward. A candidate can use a NAATI CCL tutorial or a NAATI CCL test guide online. In order to pass the test, a candidate must score 29 marks in both dialogues and 63 points overall.

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naati ccl fee

If you’re considering taking the NAATI CCL test in Kannada, one of the most important things to remember is to make sure you have a good Internet connection. The audio quality in the test can be poor or you may not hear the speaker properly. If that happens, you can ask to repeat it without penalty. You should also remember that the assessors can hear both sides of the audio. If you make false statements, you could get in trouble. The test is recorded, and the assessors will look for suspicious behaviour.

The test is relatively simple compared to other NAATI tests, taking only 20 minutes to complete. The structure is also simple. Each “dialogue” is worth 29 marks, and the total score must be at least 63 to pass. However, it is important to prepare for the test, as many candidates don’t do enough study or aren’t well-prepared for the test. Others simply sit the test to score points for immigration to Australia.

naati ccl results

The NAATI CCL Kannada test is a two-part test, which is conducted over the Internet via Microsoft Teams. Each test consists of two dialogue recordings with a total of 45 marks each. Candidates must listen to each recording, interpret as required, and then answer the questions in the appropriate language. The goal is to achieve at least 63 out of 90 marks, which is the equivalent of a B+ grade. The exam is taken online and results are sent within eight to ten weeks. The result is valid for three years.

The NAATI CCL test has two major “dialogues,” each of which is worth around ten points. The pass rate for both languages is around thirty-five percent. The test requires candidates to achieve a score of at least 29 in each dialogue, or 63 out of 90 points. The results are issued within eight to ten weeks after the test date, and are provided by email.

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