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Different Types of Dental Specialists in Pakistan 2023

It’s normal to think of your family dentist whenever the subject of best dental surgeon in lahore is mentioned. However, dentistry can encompass various dental professionals that aren’t found in the traditional dental clinic especially in the case of specialty cases. If you’re looking to find out more about other types of dentists available that are available, then you’re at the right spot!

General Dentist

General best dental surgeon in lahore are one that you visit on a frequent basis to ensure that your dental health is maintained. This is often the most popular dentist because they visit both adults and children, and offer procedures that include routine cleaning, xrays and education regarding home dental treatment. They also handle restoration of dental work, such as teeth whitening, treating damaged, chipped or damaged teeth repairing artificial fillings, and dental decay. Although general dentists can treat all dental issues but there are other special dentists who deal with more complicated situations.


While an orthodontist could appear as if they are only concerned with the installation, maintenance and removal of braces. Their care for the dental is much more extensive than the above. Orthodontists concentrate on fixing misaligned teeth, jaw bones and other supportive facial features for both aesthetic and functional reasons. The orthodontist’s work includes the design of custom-made pieces of equipment like braces. Mouth guards and mouth guards. retainers, aligners or headgear. As well as face masks that correct issues with alignment.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons concentrate on the treatment of soft and hard tissue within the mouth and around it. The tissues include the lips, cheeks soft and hard palates as well as the facial tissue, tongue and gums. In hospitals where they are trained medically after the dental college. These special surgeons carry out invasive procedures like complicated tooth extractions as well as correcting jaws surgically. They also can perform cosmetic surgery, facial infections elimination, sleep apnea therapies and much more.

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The focus of periodontists is on the gums since they are solely focused on preventing diagnosing. Treating and treating the various gum-related issues. Their specialization is gum inflammation as well as gum disease. Pain implanting dental implants, and the procedure of grafting gum tissue. If you require extensive work done to your gums. An experienced periodontist should be your first choice best dental surgeon in lahore.


A prosthodontist can be described as a specialist. Who specializes in providing dental prostheses to replace missing, damaged, and decayed teeth. Oral prostheses, also called false teeth, generally include bridges, crowns veneers, dentures and implants. They are custom-designed for functional and aesthetic reasons prostheses may improve. Your ability to chew, talk and bite as well as improve your efficacy and security. Prosthodontists collaborate closely with dental labs to design well-designed, comfortable prosthesis that is comfortable for every patient.


An endodontist dentist who specializes in the inside portion of the tooth. Over the hardened exterior that most dentists work with. The inside of a tooth beneath that gum line referred to as the pulp. It is soft and composed of delicate tissues. If the pulp gets damaged, inflamed or starts discoloring internally because of decay, injury or trauma. It must be addressed and removed from the mouth through an endodontist. If the pulp isn’t repaired or replaced, then. A root canal is required to improve the health of your mouth Dentist in lahore.

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