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Drug Free Pain Management Techniques

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Pain management is a technique that is used to help Chiropractic Treatment Services Crowfoot  the lives of people living with pain. The most common method of treating is administering of pain drugs. Pain drugs do provide relief although the effects may be short lived and further doses of the drug may have to be taken. However pain management clinic personnel have devised other methods that don’t require the use of drugs and yet are also effective. The following are some methods that can be used.


This pain management method involves the use of needles. Needles are inserted into specific parts of the body causing therapeutic relief of pain.

Behavioral Therapy

Medical personnel Pelvic Floor Therapy Clinic In Royal Oak  that the brain plays a crucial role in masking pain, thus they are specially trained to administer cognitive behavioral therapy to patients that suffer from chronic pain. Cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in managing such as headaches, musculoskeletal and abdominal pain. Behavioral therapy helps change a patient’s mood such that they are able to mask pain and the benefits are long lasting as compared to treatment using drugs.


Hypnosis has been discovered to have a positive effect on chronic pain. A patient suffering can be hypnotized and they will be in a better mental state to deal with pain.

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