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Dubai Laws for Expats to Consider Before Moving To Dubai

Dubai, being the top destination to visit on the bucket list of almost everyone, is not a surprise. The architectural marvels of the city, nightlife, business opportunities, lifestyle, and endless adventure opportunities are the prime reasons for holding the top position.  However, emirates have strict law and order, and violation makes you end up in prison or paying heavy penalties. Furthermore, the strict laws increase the demand for lawyers in Dubai as well. If you are planning to move to the emirate or will be a guest for a longer time, getting in touch with a lawyer is the best favor you will do for yourself.

Aside from basic laws, Dubai has strict employment laws to secure the rights of employees. In case of a violation, both employees and employers will have to bear the consequences. Most of the time, tourists think that they are free from the rules and legislation as they are not the residents. It is the biggest fallacy they fell prey to. Everyone in Dubai, whether a tourist, expat, foreigner, resident or non-resident, is obliged to follow these rules and bear the consequences in case of violation.

Having said that, being informed of the rules beforehand can save you from the worst scenarios, and you can enjoy your trip or live in the emirate by following the laws. So, without further ado, let’s discuss these rules and laws in detail.

1.   Driving Rules

If both tourists and residents do not follow the driving rules set by the law, they need to pay the penalties for violation, and breaking some rules can lead to prison. Wearing a seat belt, having an authorized license, and keeping children’s seat belts for kids aged 4 years are the basic rules. Be mindful that driving while consuming alcohol is also against the law, and you can get imprisoned for doing that. You can consult lawyers in Dubai for more details to be at length from violating laws.

2.   Bouncing Cheque

You must be thinking that it is not a big deal, but if your cheque bounces in the emirates, you are in trouble. You can get fined, imprisoned, or stay in jail until you pay the debt and are forced to leave the city. That is why cross-check your bank details to make sure the cheque does not bounce because financial contracts are not a joke in Dubai.

3.   Respect For The Holy Month

Being a Muslim country, the emirates does not tolerate disrespect to Islamic rules or blasphemy against any religion. In the holy month of Ramadan, everyone is prohibited from eating, drinking, and smoking in public. Foreigners can do these activities on their home premises.

Furthermore, the newspaper containing the name of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) is prohibited from using as wrapping paper, and the same is the case for disrupting the voice of prayer.

4.   Swearing Is Prohibited

Dubai law discourages the use of abusive language. According to Article 373 of the UAE Penal Code, a person swearing or disgracing honor and modesty will end up in prison for a year and fined 10,000 AED.  

5.   Indecent Acts

It may not be a big deal for foreigners and visitors, but lie swearing and indecent acts are also prohibited in Dubai, and the residents do not tolerate indecent gestures. Aggressive behavior, showing the middle finger, and pulling your tongue out are all considered to be indecent gestures that are not taken politely.  

6.   Taking Pictures Without Consent

This one must seem weird to most of you but snapping pictures without consent is a punishable crime in Dubai. Most tourists get caught unaware of the consequences. Taking pictures of others without permission and uploading them will land you in jail for six months and a fine of 5000,000 AED.  

7.   Respecting Religious Values

As mentioned above, the UAE protects Islamic values. Having said that, the emirates have strict religious values for every culture and religion, which means you cannot disrespect others on the basis of culture, religion, race, etc. violation can result in fines and imprisonment.    

8.   Fundraising Without Permission

Independent fundraising is also restricted in emirates. If you are raising funds for a specific issue, you must get permission from Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department.

9.   Employment Laws

Employment law in Dubai is strict. Employees can make an appeal in case of breaching the law. The latest labor law has further protected the rights of employees. People moving to Dubai or searching for an environment must know about their rights.

In all, Dubai offers unlimited tourist attractions, business opportunities, and a dream lifestyle. However, laws are obligatory for everyone, and breaching leads to imprisonment and deportation.  So, make sure to follow these rules and be in touch with a lawyer for a comfortable and memorable stay in the emirates.

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