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Environment Cleaning Belt Level

Immersed in an environment that is increasingly competitive and globalized, it seems essential to continuously undertake projects that lead to the improvement of processes and products so that the organization maintains its competitiveness in a framework of sustainable growth. Lean Six Sigma is the improved fusion of two proven scientific methodologies called Lean and Six Sigma that independently, aim to maximize productivity. But together as a single methodology, in addition to reducing costs, they also maximize the efficiency of the processes, achieving greater competitiveness in their respective markets for the companies that decide to implement them.

This Lean Six Sigma methodology implies a change of thinking and needs a structure to be successful. The professionals who will be in charge of leading this project to a successful conclusion need specific training at different levels that demonstrate competence based on adequate and appropriate training, skills and experience.

Black Belt level

This course provides the black belt karate competencies that appear in a standardized way in the UNE-ISO 18404: 2017 standard “Quantitative methods for the improvement of Six Sigma processes: Competencies of key personnel and their organizations in relation to the implementation of Lean and of Six Sigma”. This will allow students to become leaders of internal change, implement improvement projects with impact, certify the rest of the staff in their organization and accredit their competence and capabilities as Six Sigma Master Black Belt, before any organization. When finished it will be an expert in methodologies (UNE-ISO 13053-1:2012) and tools (UNE-ISO 13053:2012) for the improvement of Lean Six Sigma processes and will be able to implement and lead high-impact projects.

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Virtual classrooms are an online tutor-led training room. That allows us to train people anywhere in the world as if they were all together in one class. The difference between e-learning training. And the delivery modality through the virtual classroom is that the training. In this case, is direct by a real tutor and is live. Students can ask questions and interact with the tutor and other classmates. The platform allows workshops, exercises, surveys, videos, audio, documents, the tutor’s webcam. And games to be shared with students, making the experience immersive and interactive.


The participants in the course will receive at the end of it. The certificate of the course corresponding to the “Six Sigma- Black Belt” level. According to the competences established in the UNE-ISO 18404: 2017 standard. Degree issued by 6sigma.


It is aim at professionals and all managers. Process managers and middle managers and process technicians who have to lead Lean Six Sigma improvement projects. And already have the Green Belt level. Covers:

  • Managers and middle managers with improvement teams under their charge.
  • Team managers and/or improvement projects.
  • All the people in the organization who want to actively participate in the continuous. Improvement activities of the processes in their organization.
  • Personnel with Green Belt level certification who want to go up to the Black Belt level.


That the participants acquire the competencies, that is, the necessary knowledge, skills. And attitudes standardized for the Black Belt level, which will allow them to:

  • Work with others to identify and quantify opportunities for improvement.
  • Learn advanced Lean Six Sigma tools (UNE-ISO 13053-2:2012).
  • Learn expert methodology for solving DMAIC problems (UNE-ISO 13053-1:2012).
  • Learn the coaching and leadership skills necessary to help any organization achieve direct, measurable and substantial cost savings.
  • Lead Lean Six Sigma improvement projects.
  • Lead multidisciplinary teams of Lean Six Sigma improvement projects.
  • Use advanced statistical methodologies both by traditional procedures and with specific software.
  • Conduct training, coaching and tutoring for Green Belts on the DMAIC methodology and techniques related to process improvement.
  • Prepare elaborate presentations for the phase reviews in. Which the progress of the work is present at each moment and the achievements are identifiy.
  • Risk analysis and management.


The “Lean Six Sigma – Black Belt” course is design for professionals. Who already have the Green Belt level or demonstrable equivalent.

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