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Flaunt the Perfect Smile Makeover With Cosmetic Dentistry

Many people are unsatisfied with their smile but unaware of how to fix it. Modern cosmetic dentistry brings a lucrative opportunity for such people to have a smile makeover and flaunt their perfect smile. 

This branch of dentistry mainly focuses on improving your mouth’s appearance by fixing teeth, gums, and overall smile. 

The standard procedures that an experienced Northern Beaches Dentist can perform are teeth whitening, fillings, implants, veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. 

With more people becoming conscious of their physical aesthetics, the popularity of cosmetic dentistry is rising. Although it’s not an essential procedure, you can restore confidence in your smile by undergoing a suitable cosmetic dental treatment.

Read further to explore how cosmetic dentistry leads to the perfect smile makeover.  

What is cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is the dentistry branch that involves any dental work altering the original size, shape, colour, and positioning of an individual’s teeth, gums, and mouth to improve the look and feel of his smile and overall mouth. 

What Kinds of Problems Can Be Fixed with Cosmetic Dentistry?

A Northern Beaches Dentist specialised in cosmetic dentistry can fix these enlisted dental problems:

  • Missing teeth
  • Misshapen, decayed, or damaged teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Discoloured or stained teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • White spots
  • Teeth appearing too small for an individual’s liking

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry?

When unsatisfied with the look of your smile, consider the following advantages of seeking cosmetic dentistry:

It enhances your appearance

Whether crooked, chipped, broken, stained, or missing teeth, you can achieve a healthier, straighter, and more attractive smile with cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic dentistry can improve almost all types of dental imperfections. 

It optimises your oral health

You should know that severely curved or crooked teeth are not only a cosmetic dental concern but also can disturb your oral health. Moreover, cracked or decayed teeth can lead to many other oral health issues like periodontal disease or jaw pain. 

You can prevent these oral health problems and maintain healthy teeth and gums by opting for a suitable cosmetic dental procedure.

It improves self-confidence 

When you feel that your smile is not perfectly aligned, you automatically become conscious about your physical appearance and start avoiding people. 

Your lack of confidence starts becoming visible, and it will affect not only your social life but also your overall personality. 

Cosmetic dentistry includes several dental treatments that can help you look and feel beautiful and, thus, increase your confidence.

Its effects are long-lasting

Now that the effects of a suitable cosmetic dental procedure usually last longer than a decade, you can save money on regular dental treatments. 

If you want the specific cosmetic dental procedure to work for a long time, always look for a professional Northern Beaches Dentist specialising in cosmetic dentistry. Such dentists will assist you through their experience and skills to curate a customised treatment plan for you.

It provides a youthful smile

The human beings’ teeth are naturally inclined to become darker as they age. The combination of tooth stains from the food and drinks you consume and the natural aging process can make your teeth look older than they are. 

With cosmetic dentistry procedures, you can lighten up your teeth and have a more youthful smile again. 

What are the Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments?

The following listed cosmetic dentistry treatments can help fix minor to major dental problems:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a basic cosmetic dental procedure and doesn’t cost much. Over time, your teeth can become stained or discoloured because of medications, food, drinks, or habits like smoking. 

You can turn to teeth whitening procedures to remove plaque, tarter, and other debris, making your teeth whiter and smile brighter.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers and thin shells are made from medical-grade porcelain, ceramic, or resin. A professional dentist customises the veneers for each to resemble their natural teeth. 

First, the dentist removes some enamel from the tooth’s surface and then attaches the shells to the front of the teeth. With dental veneers, you can quickly fix your crooked, gapped, or damaged teeth.

Dental implants

If you have severe tooth decay or loss, you can choose a dental implant procedure to replace your missing teeth. 

From hard-tissue or silicone implants to the Best All-On-4 Dental Implants, you can select the implants suitable to your needs and oral condition. 

Usually, a cosmetic dentist attaches a screw to your jaw to support the implant. Next, they insert the implant into the bone socket of your missing tooth. Over time, your bone and tissue fuse with the implant, securing the replacement tooth inside your mouth.

Dental bonding

Dental bonding is perfect for repairing your chipped, cracked, decayed, or mishappened teeth. It’s an affordable alternative to fillings or crowns for minor cosmetic issues. 

The dentist will apply a moldable resin to your tooth and harden it using ultraviolet light. Lastly, he will trim, shape, and polish the applied material to blend into your natural tooth’s surface.

Dental crowns

A dental crown or dental cap fits over your decayed or damaged tooth. These crowns are secured over your weakened tooth to keep it from breaking or used cosmetically to cover your mishappened or severely discoloured teeth

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are the indirect fillings used when your tooth is severely decayed to support a typical filling. These fillings are created in the dental lab and bonded by a professional cosmetic dentist. 

An inlay is a procedure wherein the material is bonded in the centre of your tooth. On the other hand, an onlay is the procedure wherein the fillings cover one or more parts of your tooth or cover your tooth’s entire surface. 


People with crooked, damaged, discoloured, or decayed teeth might find it difficult to eat and speak. For others, these dental issues might affect their self-esteem. Many people even avoid smiling because of the condition of their teeth. Don’t worry! 

Cosmetic dentistry presents several procedures like the Best All-On-4 Dental Implants, teeth whitening, inlays and onlays, veneers, and crowns to improve your teeth condition. Now you can achieve an attractive smile and boost confidence.

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