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How do IB programs prepare students for life?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” Benjamin Franklin.

Parents have a monumental decision to make regarding the education of their children. They wish to enroll their children in an educational program that can give them the best start for the future. Parents want their children to achieve success in the academic arena and grow up to be well-rounded personalities. They strive to make the right educational choice for their children to fulfill these ambitious goals. 

American Schools in Riyadh understand the aspirations of the parents and children entirely. The school offers an IB program tailor-made to cater to the aforementioned educational objectives. It provides comprehensive learning that has universal benefits. The IB Program is highly endorsed and is one of the most widely used curricula in International schools. Before discussing its merits, it is necessary to understand what the IB Program encompasses.  

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An Introduction to IB Program 

IB stands for International Baccalaureate. It is an international education program. It is structured to accommodate students from across the globe. It endeavors to make the world a better place through its education. The enterprise has a foothold in over 150 countries worldwide. The program offers an exceptional learning opportunity in this fast-changing yet well-connected time. 

The mission statement of IB is highly inspiring. IB aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable, and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. How does the program set about achieving such lofty ideals? Let’s find out. 

  • Nurturing Social Responsibility 

First and foremost, American Schools in Riyadh motivate their student body to develop a strong social conscience. Pupils enrolled in the IB Program undertake various activities related to serving the community locally, nationally, and internationally. The program grooms the students to be future global leaders. 

The IB philosophy has always maintained that social responsibility goes hand in hand with academic progress. Students are encouraged to think critically, be open-minded, and be respectful of diversities. IB Program offers them a platform to broaden their horizons and develop an international outlook while staying true to their local culture and inherent value systems. 

  • Cultivating Global Perspective 

The courses taken in the IB Program at American Schools in Riyadh have real-world applications. Students develop a keen sense of universal awareness, where they resonate with local and global issues. The program is very inclusive in its approach. While it celebrates individuality, it also urges the pupils to view themselves as world citizens. The nature of the education offered is holistic. It enables the students to view problems and issues from different vantage points. 

Students are encouraged to think out of the box and be multifaceted. At the same time, the program stresses the need to respect the opinions of others and their reasoning. The program nurtures cooperation, empathy, and steadfastness in students. These qualities help them form enduring bonds and stay interlinked in this dynamic world. 

  • Offering a Broad Spectrum 

The IB Diploma Program is composed of three core components. First, we have TOK, the Theory of Knowledge. This aspect propels students to think critically and develops problem-solving abilities in them. 

The second element is CAS, where C stands for creativity, A refers to activities that facilitate the learning process, and S is for the services rendered. The course consists of a wide array of extra-curricular campaigns. The tasks sensitize the pupils towards community service. 

The final feature is an Extended Essay where the students research a concept of significance. They are required to compose an elaborate essay based on their thoughts and findings. In addition to this, there are six subject groups. The students must choose three subjects for the study at the standard level and three for their higher level learning.

  • Acting as a Bridge for Higher Studies 

The IB Program is precise and organized. It functions as a bridge connecting the learning at the middle school level with that of the university education. The curriculum also offers additional accompaniments and subject enrichment activities that add value to the learning process. 

The program provides the students with knowledge and know-how to such an extent that they have a sense of autonomy when they select their courses for higher studies at the university level. 

  • Furthering Career Prospects 

The IB Diploma is a great asset when it comes to advancing the employment prospects of students. Students having undertaken this program become confident, disciplined, and resourceful individuals. They have an enterprising attitude along with skills of collaboration and multitasking. The IB qualification is highly advantageous as it enables them to stand out and opens up a wide range of career options for the students. 


In competitive times this program equips its students to be a cut above the rest. Pupils who have qualified with this course are singularly prepared to face all challenges of their lives and come out on top. Most importantly, they grow up as well-balanced, responsible, and conscientious citizens with the will to make a difference and leave their mark in this world.

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