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How Do You Engage People In Online Events?

You can elevate your online events to the next level by increasing audience engagement. Because it’s so simple for your audience to become sidetracked when attending your events online, it’s crucial to create compelling events. How frequently do you watch a webinar before moving on to something else? So how exactly can you keep people interested in a virtual event? A virtual event may be made interesting by continuously giving your audience something to do. You must take original and unexpected action in order to keep your audience interested. To make your audience feel truly immersed in your virtual event, include interactive components.

Most event organizers use the best virtual event platform in order to gain the attention of their audience and increase the engagement rate. There are different things that you can do to increase audience engagement. Consider the following tips to level up your virtual event.  

Tips To Increase Audience Engagement In Online Events 

Conduct Quiz

A great approach to keep your participants interested is via quizzes. Everyone appreciates a quiz, as the pandemic has shown, and your attendees will be eager to participate. This can be a trivia game to get the event started, or even better, a quiz on the event’s subject matter to keep it current and interesting for your attendees. To run a successful and engaging quiz as part of your virtual event, you can employ a virtual event service provider.

Hire An Expert For Entertainment

It’s not surprising that individuals have short attention spans in our extremely busy society. Keeping someone’s attention when they are not directly in front of you is more difficult. Engaging attendees can be achieved by hiring entertainment. You might think about conducting an interview with or inviting a well-known influencer to come as a guest speaker at your event to boost attendance and establish your authority. Top-rated virtual event solution providers can assist you in uniting your audience and performer.

Live And Pre-Event Polling 

Live polling makes it simple for event planners to engage attendees. Many marketers utilize polling as a strategy to increase audience engagement, particularly in the B2B sector. It functions admirably and for good reasons. Your audience will feel that the content delivered at the virtual event will be customized to their needs thanks to pre-event polling. This has two main advantages:

  • Your audience will find the information more interesting. This increases the possibility of a favorable event return on investment because you will be able to give more value.
  • Your audience will be more likely to attend your virtual event because the content will be more pertinent to them. As a result, your no-show rate goes down.

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Select A Virtual Event Platform With Customization Capabilities 

If you want to boost engagement, one factor you cannot neglect is customizing your virtual event with user-friendly features. You can use interactivity and involvement in inventive ways with the help of a virtual event service provider who provides a configurable interface, various widget types, and interactive tools, giving your attendees much more than just a group of speakers on a stage. Although having excellent speakers is crucial, it does not automatically increase engagement. Your platform should include features like a Q&A section or a chat at the very least to encourage participants to participate in conversations and ask questions. Without it, the conversation will be biased, and no one likes that.

Leverage Gamification

The term “gamification” describes the use of mechanics typically found in video games in non-game contexts, such as virtual events. As 59% of event organizers use gamification to increase engagement, it adds a competitive yet enjoyable element to your events and is a proven approach to encourage higher virtual involvement levels. Gamification in your virtual event can be conducted with the assistance of virtual event service providers.

For instance, a participant may be awarded points for stopping by a virtual booth. They can win a prize once they have earned enough points. Even modest contests can be held at each virtual booth to encourage interaction between participants and sponsors. This will benefit you, your sponsors, and your attendees. You might also give out points for participation, such as answering a question or participating in a poll. This lets your audience know that they should pay close attention to the discussion since a poll could appear at any time. They also know that they should pay attention to the topic so they can offer an informed question.

Host Social Media Contest 

A social media contest serves three distinct purposes. As a component of your pre-event engagement plan, it encourages attendees to come to your event by reminding them, giving them a pleasant and interesting experience, and increasing social media exposure for your event. You can provide prizes, such as food hampers, in exchange for guests sharing an Instagram photo of their setup for the event or sharing your event post to their story. Attendance will increase if the winner will be revealed during the event.

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