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How to add Google Reviews to WordPress Site

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When was the last time you wanted to try a new product or service but did not first read Google reviews before making a decision? That is the influence Google reviews have on consumer behavior, after all.

Consumers read at least two to three Google reviews before deciding whether or not to trust a brand. Marketing Google reviews are more critical than ever for a firm to stand out.

Add google reviews to your WordPress website, to draw in more people, engage them more, lengthen their stays on your site, and ultimately enhance your company’s profitability.

How to add Google Reviews to the WordPress website?

Method 1: With WordPress Plugin 

The first technique we’ll discuss is using a WordPress plugin to embed Google reviews.

  1. Download the required plugin from the directory. 
  2. Upload and activate the plugin. 
  3. Once you have created your widget using platforms like Taggbox, visit your WordPress site, navigate to the required page, click on the “+” button, choose the required widget, and add the shortcode to your website. 
  4. Click on the “Publish” button to finalize the changes and make your widget functional on your WordPress website. 

Method 2: Without using a WordPress plugin 

  1. Log in to your preferred social media aggregator. 
  2. Add your social feeds by choosing Google as your source. 
  3. Enter the required credentials and create the feed. 
  4. The platform will fetch and display all your reviews in a widget. 
  5. Edit, customize, and moderate the widget.
  6. Choose your CMS platform as WordPress, copy the embed code displayed, and paste this code into your website backend. 
  7. Just sign into your account and navigate to the website where you want the widget to appear.
  8. In the editor page’s upper left corner, select (+) Add Block.
  9. Choose the Custom HTML option under the formatting menu.
  10. Paste the copied embed code.
  11. Apply the changes by clicking the Update/Publish button, and there you have it!

The content is now embedded in WordPress.

The Advantages Of Using Google Reviews On WordPress Website

The most genuine, unfiltered, and raw information marketers can locate online is Google reviews. Keep reading as we describe the main advantages of including reviews on your website.

  1. Boost brand credibility

Google reviews are the most unfiltered type of material online since they are genuine endorsements from customers sharing their unfiltered interactions with a brand. Your brand gains credibility when you use them on your website.

These Google reviews help your brand seem trustworthy and dependable in the eyes of your audience when they visit your website to learn more about it, hence minimizing their need to search for them.

  1. Create a Powerful Brand Reputation

Using Google reviews on your website gives visitors to your website something special. It would be best to have something that will make you stand out in this era of fierce brand competition. 

The element that will make you stand out is the Google Review Widget from Taggbox Widget.

Customers visit the website when they want to learn more about a brand. Provide reviews on your website to attract visitors and establish a positive first impression.

  1. Create stronger brand-customer connections.

Customers that write Google evaluations about their interactions with your business are known as brand evangelists. These clients are your devoted ones who consistently pick you above your rivals. Using these reviews on your website not only shapes your brand’s perception but also magnifies your clients’ opinions.

Also, when your other clients see reviews, it gives them a sense of social proof and inspires them to leave recommendations for your business, which helps you develop stronger client-brand bonds.

  1. Increase Sales & Conversions

Before making a final purchase choice while purchasing something online, regular shoppers always read reviews or peer suggestions.

These reviews will serve as a trustworthy source for your potential clients while they are browsing your product catalog and they find something they like. By eliminating their review-hunting process and assisting them in making confident purchasing selections, they will significantly increase your conversion rate.

The Last Word

Your website is the first and most crucial digital marketing touchpoint and reflects your brand. It serves as your company’s internet storefront, and showcasing accurate content is a fantastic method to showcase your company’s values and the high caliber of your goods and services.

The blog post has come to a close. You now know the wonderful advantages and practical techniques for quickly and easily embedding reviews on WordPress websites, both with and without the Taggbox Widget WordPress plugin.

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