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How to clean and care for your suits: A guide for men

Maintaining a striking appearance in a mens suit near me goes beyond just the design and tailoring of the suit. It also significantly relies on how well it is preserved. No matter the cost or fit, a suit that isn’t appropriately cleaned or looked after will quickly appear ragged and used. The significance of cleaning and taking care of your suits has been heightened like never before – it’s crucial. Practicing good hygiene and impeccable care wards off germs and bacteria while ensuring your attire endures better for longer periods.

Here are some steps to clean and care for your suits:

1. Brush It Down After Each use

Mens suit stores near me often advise that suits can accumulate considerable amounts of dust and dirt, particularly when worn throughout the day. If this is not promptly addressed, it can result in your suit appearing dull. To prevent this, a quick sweep with a clothing brush or lint roller after each wear is recommended. This simple practice will dislodge any surface dirt or hair adhering to the fabric, maintaining its fresh appearance.

2. Spot and clean Stains Immediately

In contrast to various clothing items one might find at mens suit stores, suits present unique challenges when faced with stains. The nature of their material makes blemishes more apparent and significantly tougher to eliminate. Therefore, immediate action is crucial should your suit acquire a stain. Promptly spot clean it using a slightly wet cloth and gentle soap, taking care not to scrub too vehemently as this could harm the fabric.

3. Hang It up Properly

Hanging your suit up properly is important if you want it to keep its shape. Invest in a good quality hanger – one that’s wide enough to support the shoulders of your jacket and has a rounded bottom, so the trousers don’t have a line or mark. A good quality wooden coat hanger will do the job. Wood is best as it doesn’t absorb moisture like plastic, which means your suit won’t get that musty smell that can come from hanging it up while it’s still wet. However, avoid hangers made of pine or other softwoods as these can leave marks on the fabric. Instead, choose hangers made of beech, maple, or cherry wood.

4. Dry Clean Your Suit

 Dry cleaning is the best way to remove any built-up dirt or stains that regular brushing and spot cleaning can’t remove. And it will also help to keep the fabric looking fresh and new.

Ideally, it would be best to dry clean your suit every six to eight weeks. But if you don’t wear it often, you can get away with doing it once a season. Just be sure to check the care label first, as some suits need to be dry cleaned more often than others. Also, ensure you take your suit to a dry cleaner that specializes in suits as they will know how to best care for the fabric. And if you have any concerns, be sure to ask them before leaving your suit with them.

5. Steam Your Suit

A quick once-over with a hand-held steamer can do wonders for a suit that’s looking a little worse for wear. It will help remove any wrinkles or creases in the fabric and give it a fresh, new look. Just be careful not to hold the steamer too close to the fabric as this could damage it.

6. Be Careful When Wearing Your Suit

Although suits are designed to be worn, you still need to be careful of some things. For example, avoid sitting on rough surfaces such as concrete or grass, which can damage the fabric. And be careful not to lean up against things like walls or doors as this can leave marks on the suit.

7. Store Your Suit Properly

It’s essential to properly store your mens sports jacket when it’s not being worn, to prevent any potential damage. The optimal method of preserving your prized jacket involves housing it in an airy cotton garment bag. This safeguards the fabric from dust and other potentially damaging elements. In the absence of a garment bag, wrapping your sports jacket in a pristine cotton sheet prior to placing it in your wardrobe also serves as an effective alternative.         


It’s important to treat stains as soon as you notice them,now you know how to care for your suit at home like a pro and you also know the tools and techniques that you need to care for it day-to-day, ensuring you can keep washing to a minimum and still look like a million bucks whenever you wear it.Learning how to care for a quality suit will help you get the most from your wardrobe. Plus, it’s always satisfying to learn a new gentlemanly skill. 

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