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How To Find Fusion Rifle Relics In Destiny

Fusion rifles have been dropped from Destiny because of the way they vaporize enemies, so you can imagine how disappointed many players were when they realized that they could no longer find fusion rifle relics in-game. While the weapons themselves aren’t in the game, the relics that used to be attached to them are still available, and this guide will show you how to find them . . . and use them! Be warned that there are spoilers below, so don’t read on if you want to figure out things on your own.

Fusion Rifle

These are the locations of each possible fusion rifle relic. This is useful if you want a specific weapon, or any at all. Fusion rifles are good in PvP as they don’t require a kill, but instead one shot to take out someone’s shield. Fusion rifles do not come standard with a scope, so be sure that you use other methods of targeting enemies when aiming. Using a fusion rifle isn’t always better than just using an auto-rifle, like the Titan’s Truth and Chaos Devil and even Red Death, because the projectiles come out slower than any other gun type.

Voidwalker Subclass

In the Tower, you have the ability to change your subclass. To change your Voidwalker subclass, go into the Tower and look for a woman who says ‘Subclass Changing!’. Once you see her, she will be standing by a large screen with six slots on it. One of these slots is a button that will allow you to put your Subclass Token in it. Your Subclass Token can be found on one of the Emissaries or as an Exotic Bounty reward. Once you put it into the slot, press that button and your screen should come up with a series of numbers and bars like this: 9-3-6-7-8-4.

Lucky Raspberry Chest Armor

When your backpack starts filling up with energy weapon and auto rifle salvage, you may be left wondering where are the Fusion Rifle Relics? The world can feel a little lonelier without some strange encounters, so it is important that you get out there and search for those weapons. Thankfully, there are locations where the eggs lay more abundantly than others. The best places I’ve found so far are: the Moon, just past Anchor of Light; the desolate caverns below; Mars – Garden Tomb at Earthrise; Venus – Vex Dungeons near terminal 1549. You can also buy relic armor online. You might be tempted to wait on this though because my experience has been mixed when buying online.

Radiant Light Grenade

In the Crucible, you can only get a Radiant Light Grenade when an opponent gives you one as a gift. They are fairly rare, but if you continue to play, then it’s just a matter of time before someone starts handing them out. However, there is another way to obtain this special grenade: defeating enemies in the Vanguard playlist will occasionally drop one. It’s really no different than the Crucible, except that this one will be more difficult and you’ll be forced into close combat (if your weapon hasn’t run out of ammo).

Sleeper Simulant Exotic Weapon

The Sleeper Simulant is a rare Exotic Fusion Rifle and among the most difficult weapons to acquire. It has a chance of dropping when any Psion or Centurion is killed, but each day players can only open 3 Cryptarch containers – so they must play daily until it drops. This long grind can take weeks or months, but with patience and dedication, the reward is finally worth it.

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Saving up your high-value materials like Ascendant Energy, Ascendant Shards, and Radiant Materials to take on missions with a high degree of difficulty like Nokris’s Corrupted (very difficult), Crota’s End (normal difficulty), or The Insight Terminus (less difficult) is one way you can achieve victory against the ravenous hordes. Remember that patience is key and you must continue the pursuit of victory if you ever hope to get any of these coveted weapons. If playing crucible, maximizing energy recharge rate for faster abilities is key. Additionally, using heavy-hitters like Linear Fusion Rifles will give you an edge when fighting against longer range adversaries.

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