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How To Make Your Pillow Boxes More Appealing & Interesting?


People often purchase pillows as a way to improve their sleep quality, but many of the pillow options out there are less than appealing. If you want to increase your sales and make your customers happier, here are some tips on how to make your pillow boxes more appealing.

What You Will Need

In order to make your pillow boxes more appealing, you will need some supplies.

-Pillow box liners

-Craft foam


-Ruler or a straight edge

-Paint or a sealant

-Hot glue gun and glue sticks

-Stickers or fabric markers

-Paper clips or wire hangers

1. Start by tracing the bottom of the pillow box liner onto the craft foam. Cut out the liner and set it aside.

2. Trace the top of the pillow box liner onto the craft foam and cut out the liner. Set it aside too.

3. Paint or seal your liners whichever color you like. Let them dry completely.

4. Cut two pieces of craft foam to fit inside your pillow boxes (one for each side). The size of these pieces will depend on the size of your pillows; make them just a bit bigger than your pillows so they fit snugly. Glue these pieces to the inside of each lid with hot glue, making sure to cover all sides of the foam so it’s secure.

5. Once your craft foam is

Tools and Supplies

Making your pillow boxes more appealing is easy with the right supplies. Here are a few tips to get started:

– choose a colorful, sturdy fabric for your box covers

– use contrasting fabrics for the inside and outside of the box

– add a layer of batting or foam to the inside of the box to make it softer and more comfortable to sleep on

– choose a design that is distinctive and reflects your personality

How to Make Your Pillow Boxes

Making your pillow boxes more appealing is simple with a few easy steps. You can add interest and style to your pillows with a few inexpensive and easy changes. Here are four tips for making your pillow boxes look their best:

1. use contrasting fabrics – use a light fabric for the outside of the box and a dark fabric for the inside. This will create a visual contrast that will help draw attention to your pillows.

2. use fanciful shapes – if you want to go extra fancy, try using shapes like stars or hearts on the outside of your box. This will add some personality to your pillow boxes and make them more unique.

3. give your boxes an extra bit of detail – add appliques, lace, or even embroidery to the outside of your box to give it an extra bit of flair. This will really make your pillows stand out from the crowd.

4. choose versatile materials – don’t be afraid to use materials like paper or cardstock in place of expensive fabrics when making your box. These materials can be easily reused and added a bit of individuality to your project.

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Tips for Making Your Pillow Boxes More Appealing

There are a few simple things you can do to jazz up your pillow boxes and make them more appealing. Here are a few tips:

1. Choose your fabrics wisely. A well-made pillow box will feel luxurious, so don’t go for cheap fabrics that will show wear and tear over time. Look for high-quality materials that will last.

2. Use contrasting colors or patterns. This will help break up the monotony of all the white pillows in your bed and add some life to your room.

3. Add some extra detailing. This could include pretty ribbon ties, pretty fabric inserts, or even personalization!

4. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little. There is no one perfect way to make a pillow box, so mix things up and see what looks best on you and your bedding!

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