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How to Pose for Photos to Look Relaxed and Natural

Whether you’re behind or in front of the camera, it can help to know how to pose for photos to capture the best side of your subject without looking fake or unnatural. The truth is, the way you pose for photos can go a long way toward creating images that look more candid and less, well, posed.

How to pose for photos more naturally

Some people can naturally pose for lifestyle photos. It is as if they were born for the task. But most of us are uncomfortable in front of the camera and need a little help from the photographer to find poses that are both natural and flattering. Here are some of our top tips for natural poses that will make your images shine.

1. Ask your model to shift their weight from one foot to the other.

We don’t give much thought to how we shift our weight from one foot to the other as we go about our daily activities. Pull out a camera and suddenly that natural change is gone, making many poses look awkward and artificial. Remind your subjects to shift their weight from one foot to the other when you’re taking photos. While this may seem like a very minor adjustment, it can go a long way in making your poses look more natural for photos.

2. Give your subject a prop or something to do with their hands.

One of the biggest challenges people face when posing for photos is trying to figure out what to do with their hands. You can help alleviate some of this discomfort by giving your model something to hold on to. It can be something small like a flower or a pair of sunglasses, or something big like a bunch of balloons or an umbrella. Try to find an accessory that suits the person you are photographing for more natural looking photos.

3. Move

If the person you’re photographing seems awkward, insecure, or uncomfortable, leave static poses behind and move on at https://gurulex.com. Take a walk in the woods, wander through the city admiring the architecture, or talk about your favorite things. The movement is natural and will help your model feel more comfortable in front of the camera. Plus, it’s a great way to get to know someone without putting them on the spot.

4. Find something to lean on

You have to love those Insta-murals that are popping up all over the place. They make posing for photos so much easier! But even if you don’t have a mural to pose your subjects in front of, it can be helpful to find a wall to lean against. Look for vertical surfaces with good patterns and textures, then have the person you’re photographing lean against them while pretending to listen to a friend tell a funny story. Laughing out loud is optional, but it would certainly make a great photo.

5. Ask you’re subject to look away from the camera.

Smiling and saying cheese while looking into the camera lens is the last decade! Instead, find a focal point that you can ask you’re subject to look at. A subject looking into the distance brings an air of spontaneity to the image and can make the difference between a natural-looking image and one that seems too posed and fake. You can also try this trick to make your mirror selfies more interesting.

The best poses for casual but flattering photos

Unless you’re doing a formal fashion shoot, you’ll want to find poses that are more casual for everyday people. Your models will likely have a harder time knowing where to put their hands and where to look. Make sure you have a plan that addresses those two issues, and the rest will fall into place. Here are some cool casual poses for men, women, and kids.

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