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How You Can Opt For SBA 7(a) Loans To Scale Up Your Business

If your business is still reeling under the effects of the pandemic, you don’t need to panic. This isn’t something unheard of, and there are direct lending institutions that can bring you out of this crisis. 

SBA 7 (a) loans can be an effective way to scale up your business when your funds are dwindling, and you need capital to move on. But, choosing the right type of lending solution and getting it approved can be a challenge. 

This is why you need to reach out to companies like Direct Lenders Funding. They can help you understand why a specific business funding solution is right for your company. When you choose SBA 7 (a) loans, for instance, you can get low-interest rates, once-a-month payments, zero prepayment penalties, etc. This is why they are most preferred for helping out small enterprises in need of cash.

Direct lending institutions know how to get faster turnaround times for businesses using multiple solutions. These include cash advances, SBA loans, merchant cash advances, senior debt, equipment financing, and many other solutions.

Why SBA 7(a) loans can be the best way to salvage your small business:

Businesses tend to resort to long-term SBA 7 (a) loans when they have suffered economic damages or disaster-related physical damages. For these businesses, obtaining a non-government loan becomes difficult. At the same time, without cash flow, they cannot expand their business anymore.

SBA loans are basically guaranteed by the SBA or Small Business Administration; these are then provided through banks, credit unions, and community banks. SBA loans can be of different kinds, of which SBA 7(a) loans are one type.

Using SBA loans, you can make upgrades or improvements to an existing property, buy a new property for your company, buy new supplies or equipment, maintain working capital, or even start a new business.

How easy is it to get SBA loans?

Every such loan program and the lenders will have distinct eligibility criteria. For instance, they will provide the loan only if the business runs for the purpose of making money and is located in the US. They will check to ensure that you have invested money and time in it and you aren’t being able to secure funds from other lenders.

What advantages can you get with SBA loans?

If you apply for funding with a lender for these loans, you stand to enjoy many benefits:

  • SBA lenders often demand good credit, but usually, qualifying for these is much simpler than qualifying for a traditional bank loan. Since the loans are guaranteed by Small Business Administration, the risks are fewer.
  • With SBA loans, you get to enjoy long repayment periods. For instance, the maximum period for working capital, equipment financing, and inventory loans is usually 10 years, while real estate can be almost 25 years. Loan amounts range from $500 to $5 million, depending on your requirements.
  • Certain SBA loans offer support even after extending loan funds; this may be in the form of low-cost or free training, counseling, and online learning programs.

If you look at these advantages, you will find SBA loans to be a safe and reliable business funding option. With companies like Direct Lenders Funding to help you, it’s possible to get your loan applications approved much faster. You can apply online and access a specialist to discuss the different funding options for you. Once approved, you will get money in hand within a day!


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