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Keeping Rodents at Bay

Rodents need somewhere warm to stay when the weather turns cold outside. They will make a home in any structure they can access, including homes and pole barns. How can a person keep these critters out of their pole barns? Doing so isn’t as difficult as many people imagine.

Close Off Entry Points at Bay

If a mouse’s nose fits into a hole, it can get its entire body into this hole. They can also climb and jump, so any hole in a pole barn is an open door for these critters. Walk around the outside of the building at night and look for any areas where light can be seen. These holes need to be addressed immediately or unwanted guests could make their way inside and take up residence.

Holes or gaps around doors and windows are common places where rodents make their way into buildings. Gaps around the building’s floor or base are others. What are the best ways to close these holes off?

Weather stripping or caulk and expanding foam can be used to close holes around doors, windows, and the building’s foundation. Block off cracks and crevices in floors and walls with the help of sealants, and caulk around pipes, drains, and vents. Buried wire mesh around the building’s perimeter will also help keep rodents at bay. Work with Pole Barn Contractors to implement measures designed to keep rodents away.

Keep It Clean at Bay

Mice need food and shelter, just as humans do. Ensure these aren’t plentiful and the rodents will need to find a new home. Eliminate piles of materials they may use to make nests and get rid of cardboard and storage boxes. Rodents love to hide in these and make nests. In fact, they will look for any hiding spot and move right in.

Get rid of all potential food sources. Most people think of human food when eliminating food sources. Rodents will also eat grass and vegetable seeds, grains, and pet food. If these items must be kept in a pole barn, keep them in sealed containers so the rodents cannot access them. Never leave them in the original bags, as rodents can easily access the food through the bags.

Control Scents at Bay

Rodents rely heavily on their sense of smell. Wash and bleach the floors to eliminate any traces of scent that could attract them. Certain natural scents also repel rodents, including peppermint oil, chili peppers, and cloves. Consider spreading the scent throughout the building, so they will look elsewhere for a home.

If action needs to be taken immediately, use dryer sheets to repel rodents. However, this is only a short-term solution, as the scent wears off quickly. Mothballs, on the other hand, are of no use in keeping rodents away.

Stay vigilant. A person must continuously work to keep mice and other rodents away. A storm could create new holes in the building. New equipment may come in cardboard boxes that will attract these critters. Once one rodent finds its way into the building, others will follow. Implement these measures today and act right away if there are signs of rodents. Doing so will make it easier to evict them and keep them away.

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