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Role of a Periotome in Dental Extraction Procedures

Good oral health is essential for maintaining good physical health. An excellent immune system also goes hand in hand with good oral health. That is why oral hygiene and dental health are as essential as physical and mental health. But sometimes, you may suffer from dental and oral problems despite all the care. Hence, visiting a dentist becomes an inevitable solution to get rid of pain and discomfort. Dentists apply different dental procedures to treat dental issues and restore oral health.

The dental extraction procedure is one of the most tiresome and complex processes, requiring different dental tools such as Peritome, which play a significant role in complicated dental extraction procedures.

In this article, we’ll present an overview of the role of peritomes in dental extraction procedures.

Why Do Dentists Use Periotomes?

Tooth extraction procedures are very challenging. For this, suitable instruments are inevitable that can make tooth extraction considerably quicker and easier for dentists. However, tooth extraction equipment must be effective, efficient, and durable. Furthermore, the tools must meet the criteria to avoid hurting the patient.

The most frequently used tooth extraction tools are periotomes. The dental periotomes tool is used to help with tooth extraction. They facilitate extraction by cutting the fibers surrounding the tooth. Furthermore, the equipment safeguards the anatomy of the sockets.

Root mobilizing is the most critical and challenging part of tooth extraction. Furthermore, there must be no injury to the tooth or surrounding tissue. Periotomes work similarly to luxators but require less physical force to luxate roots. Furthermore, it provides a soothing experience for patients and minimizes their fear of future dental treatments.

Significant Features of Periotomes

A periotome protects the alveolar bone. As a result, it is an excellent tool for placing dental implants. Furthermore, it has tiny, sharp blades, allowing tooth extraction with minimal injury. Finally, the instrument’s narrow working end allows the dentist to precisely reach the side of the socket wall and avoid any expansion when treating the tooth before luxation.

The unique features of the periotomes for extraction include

  •  Double-Ended
  •  Rust proof
  •   German forged
  •   Lightweight
  •   Multiple variations

Due to the multiple variations, dentists get more options for selecting the one that suits the extraction procedure. In addition, the periotomes are also available with serrated or non-serrated blades.

  • The serrated end will assist in cutting through the strong ligaments.
  • Non-serrated blades play a role in precise and accurate cuttings.

So, the dentist can select the serrated or non-serrated blades per the surgery’s need.

Multiple Variations of The Periotomes

The different variations of the dental periotomes make more room for easy selection. So, the dentist has a wide range of multiple options in the dental tool kit. The different variations of the periotomes are the following.

1.  GerMed Periotomes

The dental tool efficiently cuts the periodontal ligament before extracting the teeth. GerMed periotomes are available in small, medium, and large sizes. So, dentists can use anyone according to their comfort.

The different features of the dental tool are

  • Reusable
  • Rust and corrosion proof
  • Sterilizable
  • German forging
  • Premium quality manufacturing material

The instrument’s long handles help the dentist extract the teeth quickly.

2.  Graflex Tome Periotome Micro Serrated Flexible Titanium

Such dental periotomes are efficient for reducing damage to nearby tissues. It easily inserts into the periodontal ligament by reducing the damage to the nearby tissues. Furthermore, the dental tool is Titanium coated for increased durability and longevity.

Such periotomes have the following features.

  •  Micro serrated blades
  • Titanium coating
  •  Rust proof
  •   Lightweight
  •   Easy to maintain

The dental tool assists the dentist in carrying out less traumatic tooth extraction procedures.

3.  Periotome Contra- Angled Tip for Posteriors

It is an ideal periotome variation for the extraction of the posterior teeth. The dental tool features a contra-angled tip design for easy extraction of teeth. The main features of the instrument include  

  • Double-Ended
  • Contra angled
  • Superior quality
  • Ergonomic design

All such features make the periotomes more reliable and durable due to medical-grade German stainless steel.

4.  Periotome Set Of 2

It has a set of 2 periotomes that make teeth extraction easy. In addition, the dental tool is reusable after proper sterilization. Dentists use this dental tool for precise and accurate dental extraction procedures.

The dental instrument has the following unique features

  • Premium quality German stainless steel
  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Multiple sizes
  • Autoclavable

The instrument is ergonomically designed to make teeth extraction easy.

5.  Periotome Elio-2

The dental instrument features pointed ends to make the teeth extraction atraumatic. It is for this reason that it efficiently cuts the periodontal ligament. In addition, the periotome is available in different sizes and patterns to add diversity to the dental tool kit.

The other features of the dental instrument include

  • Double-Ended
  • Lightweight
  • Extra thin tip
  • Sterilizable

The dental tool does not hurt the surrounding tissues or teeth. So, it is efficient for making the patient comfortable with the dental extraction procedure.

Looking at the article, you can easily understand the significance and role of dental periotomes. Now, let’s find a reliable source to get this dental tool.

Are You Looking for A Reliable Source for Dental Instruments?

The most challenging phase for dentists is to find a reliable source for dental tools. There are multiple suppliers available online to provide dental tools. Though, finding an authentic and reliable source is still difficult to get high-quality instruments. 

But GerDentUSA turns this difficulty into ease by providing premium-quality periotome and other dental equipment.

Most of their instruments are German forged. So, they are resistant to rust and corrosion but with proper care. They also offer customization of dental instruments to meet the customer’s demands.  

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