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Seiko Quartz Watches – Wristwatch that changed the world

Quartz watches run on batteries. A little quartz crystal receives an electrical signal from the battery, which causes it to vibrate at a set frequency. This vibration makes it possible to keep precise time.

The Swiss watchmaking business was booming with their cherished mechanical timepieces until quartz watches became popular. However, there was concern about the popularity of electronic timepieces in the 1960s, which posed a serious threat to Swiss watchmakers. Finally, the first quartz watch was unveiled in 1969. The Astron was a Seiko product, and it was quite remarkable. Seiko Quartz watches have a great demand because of all the benefits it provides.This timepiece’s invention marked the beginning of the quartz revolution. Here are some of the benefits of Quartz Watches and they are as follows:-

  • Greater accuracy

The frequency of an oscillation in a quartz crystal never changes. This natural rhythm produces outstanding accuracy and is far more dependable than the mechanical watch’s physical movements.

  • More budget friendly

Battery-powered Seikoquartz watches demand fewer components and higher levels of watchmaking skill than their complicated mechanical counterparts. This all adds up to a product that is more reasonably priced.

  • Little Maintenance

The only real maintenance required for a quartz watch is the occasional battery replacement every one to two years. You don’t have to be concerned about winding or any other form of interference to keep it ticking.

  • More robust

Quartz watches have a lot fewer moving components than a mechanical ones, which reduces the number of things that can need fixing. A quartz watch is incredibly durable and can last a lifetime.

  • Reliable

Quartz watches are typically favored for their accuracy and dependability; nevertheless, owners of luxury watches prefer mechanical movements in their timepieces. Quartz watches offer watch wearers enough benefits in every way, whether it’s lower production costs, greater durability, or functional accuracy, such that they benefit.

  • Easy to Use

The simplicity of operation of quartz watches is another justification for purchasing one. A quartz watch is a very simple timepiece; all you need to do is set the time and insert a battery. Compared to other watch kinds that can be difficult to operate, this makes the watch considerably simpler to use. Automatic watches are not as simple as they seem because manual winding, power reserve, and some watch mechanism expertise are required. However, using a quartz watch is so easy that even young children can do it.


Compared to other watch types, quartz watches are the most durable. There are fewer watch parts to fix because of the straightforward mechanism. This indicates that a quartz watch gives you value for your money because the mechanism tends to last for a long period. Quartz timepieces require little upkeep. Since the battery and quartz crystal take care of everything, they don’t need to be wound. You no longer need to bother about manually winding mechanical watches or wearing the watch constantly to keep it wound, according to this.

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