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The importance of on-site and off-site SEO: Simple explanation

The importance of on-site and off-site SEO Hobart is clear. They are the two great pillars of SEO. The difference between the two, really, is very simple, and it is that their own names tell us about it.

On site

The on-site will be focuse on techniques and optimizations within the web page. What do we mean by this? Well, that the page has good loading times, that it is well design, that it does not have too heavy images, the appropriate plugins, a good domain and more. All this will help Google’s algorithm to understand that our website is good, and therefore, it will position it better than those websites that have worse optimization.


While the off-site will be focuse on all factors outside the web. Such as link building, where quality links to our website will be sought. In other words, your goal will be to find important. And relevant pages and get us to be name on your page and include a link that directs users to our business thanks to our website. Which will be perfectly optimize thanks to the on-site, so our users will be delight. For Google, an important or relevant page will be one that has good authority. Authority is a concept that measures the popularity of a website, based on specific metrics that Google considers important.

 An example of an important web page with good authority would be Digital Nomads HQ, since them are pages that receive a lot of traffic and with a great authority. Getting links to such important pages is very difficult, but there are different ways to get someone to put a link to your website, either by reaching an economic agreement, that is, buying the link, reaching a collaboration

In short, both one and the other will be vital to highlight your business above the competition. What will bring better conversions and results if your product or service is also relevant to your target audience?

What are the benefits of taking SEO seriously?

What benefits does SEO Hobart bring? It’s the first question someone asks when you talk to them about it. The importance of SEO today is key for any business, so if you are considering digitizing your business (something that we highly recommend in most cases), we recommend that you see what its most important benefits will be for you and your business. .

Obviously, improve web positioning

Once the web has been create, with adequate design and optimization, from this point on, the web will have to be measure and controll regularly to improve and optimize the keywords to achieve the desire positioning.

Get good web traffic

SEO is a key factor to increase the number of visitors interest in the service or product to which the website is intend.

Increase brand visibility

SEO is decisive to publicize a brand, since today, who is not on the internet, does not exist. This is so.

Generate more conversions: Leads and sales

SEO can increase leads and sales of your product or service if done correctly and the product or service you are offering is interesting to potential buyers. So it is a very important actor that will be a participant in your online conversions.

Greater profitability of your business

Investing in SEO is one of the most profitable ways to sell your products and services today. It requires an investment, but this will be infinitely less than investing in a non-digital business.

Help optimize the website

This will mean better loading times, compatibility with different devices (for example: mobile phones and tablets), correct indexing in search engines (validation of our pages in the corresponding search engine) and correct usability. The importance of usability or UX. The importance of SEO Hobart and UX will be key to offering an agile and comfortable navigation for users, since otherwise. The bounce rate on our website will be seriously affect if it is not carried out correctly.

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