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How to Strengthen Your Nails At Home

Healthy Diet

Your nails indicate your health. But people especially women are very concerned about their nails as they keep them shaped to enhance the beauty of the hands. But you do not need to get worried if your nails are not strong but brittle. You can do some practice to strengthen your nails even at home.

Top Ways to Strengthen your Nails 

Nails contribute to overall hands’ beauty. Let’s check out some of the tips that can help to improve nails.

Wear gloves to reduce water exposure 

Same as your skin, your nails also need some care and prevention tips that can reduce the risk of brittle nails. When you do some work with water exposure, make sure that you wear gloves every time. Experts from hospitals in Rawalpindi say that it will protect your hands and nails from potential damage.

When you take a bath, avoid keeping your hands in the tubs. You will notice that this practice can reduce weak and brittle nails.

You should also avoid excessive water exposure while cooking the food in the kitchen. Wear gloves to avoid water exposure.

Focus on what you eat

It is very important to know what you eat. A healthy diet and proper nutrition are crucial for overall health, even skin and hair. Your nails also need proper care. There are some essential nutrients that your nails demand to stay healthy. Some diets with essential minerals and vitamins can help to prevent the risk of brittle and weak nails.

Do not use acrylic nails or gel 

One of the best practices includes avoiding some nail things, like gel or acrylic. You need to understand that these nails can cause your nails to peel natural skin and also weaken them. If you are going somewhere, wear these nails for a while but do not wear them continuously. It will weaken the nails and make them brittle.

Gel polish includes UV light exposure which can increase the risk of cancer. Make sure that you avoid such risk factors that can increase the risk of cancer and other nail conditions.

Apply lotion 

When you go to bed or even take shower or bath, always apply lotion on your hands and nails. Women who wear nail polish should apply lotion every time they remove it. Nails paints contain some ingredients that can leave your nails dry. Moisturizing your nails is also important, same as your skin.

When you wash your hands, you can apply lotion. It is easy to carry a lotion in your handbag.

Try Other File Trick 

Filing is obviously important for everyone but try to choose directions when you cut your nails. Back and forth motion can weaken the nails. Experts say that filing in one direction can reduce the risk of brittle nails. Make sure that you avoid too much filing as it can cause damage to your nails.

Change your shampoo

There is some shampoo that contains chemicals and also strips natural oil away from your hair and also your nails. Drying out your nails means it increases the risk of brittle and weak nails. Make sure that you choose a shampoo which does not dry out your nails and hair.

Check your products 

Your products can also cause damage to your nails. Make sure what products you are using and if they contain any type of chemicals. For your daily routine, you use nail polishes and treatments which contain chemicals that are enough to weaken your nails. You should buy only a nontoxic nail polisher that does not contain acetone.

Avoid dry products

Some dry products can cause your nails to dry and break. For example, if you use hand sanitizer a lot, it will leave your hands and nails dry. It may be disastrous for your hand’s skin and nails as well. You should choose a sanitizer with a moisturizing effect. Make sure that you choose such sanitizer to avoid brittle nails.

Consult with a doctor

Your nails say a lot about your health. So, it is up to you how you manage them. There are simple practices that you need to follow, such as avoiding water exposure, reducing the use of dry products, etc.

If you have severe nail damage, visit a doctor to diagnose what is the cause. Proper treatment can help to keep the nails healthy.

Cleaning products

Cleaning products can also cause damage to your nails and even the skin of your hands. Make sure that you always wear rubber gloves while cleaning your home. You should keep the gloves at home as they can prevent the risk of brittle and weak nails.

Final Thought

You can also take biotin supplements to increase the growth of the nails. But discuss with the doctor, if the use of the supplements is good for you or not. Always use lotion and avoid too much water exposure.

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