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The advantages and disadvantages of using a property manager

One of the biggest advantages of having a commercial property management Peyton CO manager in place is that not only do they do all the actual arranging for you – selecting tenants, completing the proper paperwork, inspections etc. – they also do the accounting. I received a monthly statement from most of my property managers detailing gross income, expenses incurred, commissions and the net amount transferred to my bank account. This makes accounting much easier. Typically, property manager’s charge anywhere from 4-15% of rental income to manage your property.

So how do you choose a property manager?

As with choosing a property to buy, or a real estate agent to work with, or a tradesman to work on your property, it is a few numbers games. Go with recommendations from friends or other landlords, interview potential managers, ask them how they dealt with specific problems in the past, and then test them. You can always change them later if you don’t see eye-to-eye. However, switching agents may not always be so easy, especially if you bought the property with tenants there.

Let me tell you about my experience with an agent in the UK.

 I bought a property with the tenants and met the agent who originally rented it to them with the extension. This was my first investment property management company Colorado Springs CO. and I didn’t want an agent to manage the property for me, I wanted to manage it myself. But it wasn’t that easy. The agent contacted the tenants so she maintained their security and told them to pay her rent even though it was my property and then put that rent on top of that and didn’t pay me. I had no legal recourse until I evicted the tenants which I eventually had to do. The tenants knew what was going on and everyone was very accommodating. . My tenants then got back to me, we signed a new lease and I managed the property myself. However, as a warning, this does not always work where having another management agent conciliate and seize your property. Just because you use one management agency to handle one or several properties should not be a foregone conclusion that you will always use the same agency for any subsequent properties in the same area. In fact, it can be healthy to engage two competing companies, as each will try to do right by you to get more business. This relates to my first builder selection program. Always get three citations for any job and don’t always settle for using the same builder. The same goes for agents.

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If the property manager doesn’t respond promptly to repairs or complaints from tenants,

 You could lose your tenants and rent very quickly. Let me tell you what happened to me when I first got into the property investment business in the UK. I had some tenants moved into one of my properties and they signed a tenancy agreement and paid a month’s rent upfront as well as a security deposit.

What has happened to these tenants since then was a nightmare.

 Before I knew it, the master bedroom ceiling started leaking from day one. If it rained at night, they had to set up buckets to collect the water coming from the roof. This went on for three weeks and each time the leak got worse. The manager kept property manager Peyton CO to send a roofer. At the end of three weeks, the tenant’s father, a lawyer, sent me a letter threatening to sue me if I did not return the tenants’ guarantee money, but they paid their first month’s rent and one Paying the month’s rent in full for it is the physical inconvenience of living as well as all the time they lose their jobs and find another place to live. The upshot of the story is that the management company has never done it.

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