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Tips to Improve Your IVF Success Rate


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Maintain a healthy weight

Linnea Goodman, M.D. Linnea Goodman M.D. states that fertility and IVF are best achieved when you have a healthy weight. Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, UNC School of Medicine.

Zarqa Khan M.D. is a Mayo Clinic Rochester reproductive endocrinologist who can assist you in reaching your goals.

Maximize your sperm health

Dr. Khan recommends multivitamins and maintaining a healthy weight to improve sperm quality.

Partner with an embryology lab and a highly qualified physician.

A great reproductive endocrinologist is made up of two things. While experience and dedication to evidence-based medicine are important, so are being comfortable with them. Elizabeth Fino M.D. She is an NYU Langone Fertility Center fertility specialist. She is convinced that your doctor will be there to support you through this difficult time. Do your research.

It can be hard to establish credibility in a world full of online reviews. Fino warns that online reviews often come from patients who have had difficult experiences. These reviews may not be suitable for everyone.

Look for an embryology laboratory that has a history of producing exceptional results. Information about clinic birth rates and volumes can be found at the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

Reduce your stress.

Dr. Khan stated that “basal stress levels could affect natural and assisted conception rate.” Couples might find it difficult to lower their stress levels during IVF stimulation cycles. Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture can improve the chances of having a child.

Stop smoking.

Dr. Fino believes structured programs and/or medication aid are the best ways to quit smoking.

Take supplements into consideration

Dr. Fino says that DHEA (CoQ10) and CoQ10 can be used to increase egg quality and quantity. Khan recommends multivitamins.

Make sure you get enough vitamin D

Tarun Jain M.D. is the medical director at Northwestern Medicine Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Oakbrook Terrasse. “Over 40% of people suffer from Vitamin D deficiencies. Recent data has shown that vitamin D deficiency is associated with infertility and poorer IVF outcomes. Ask your doctor for a test to determine if you have enough vitamin D. You may want to consider taking a vitamin supplement if necessary.

Concentrate on patience and perseverance.

Shannon DeVore, M.D. M.D. at NYU Langone Fertility Centre Multiple IVF cycles is required for embryo transfer. To transfer an embryo, many patients will need to go through multiple IVF cycles.

Five Ways to Make Your IVF Treatment a Little More Efficient

It can be overwhelming to start an IVF treatment. Fertility solutions will provide the compassionate, supportive care that all fertility patients deserve.

We are committed to making patients feel valued and respected.

Although IVF is a complex process, there are ways to make it easier. Fertility Solutions staff and physicians work daily with IVF patients. We are happy to offer advice and support when needed.

Five ways IVF can be made easier

Keep track of your questions and concerns wherever you are.

These will allow you to discuss your concerns with your doctor during appointments and between the next steps. Many patients find it useful to keep an IVF notebook or to log their thoughts using apps on their smartphones.

To reduce stress and minimize the chance of scheduling conflicts, plan trips that are not part of the IVF cycle.

There are many appointments required for IVF treatment. You must attend these appointments on time. You can travel with fertility medication during IVF treatment. Check out our tips for traveling.

To avoid discomfort or strain, talk to your doctor about exercising during treatment.

This makes it difficult to exercise. You might feel tired, dizzy, or prone to headaches. Please contact your doctor.

Plan for downtime during appointments.

While you wait, bring a book, music, podcasts, or any other activity to keep you busy. While some patients find it relaxing, others find it stressful. Try these meditation apps.

Think about how you would like to spend the two-week wait.

Some patients like to keep a long list of to-dos with more fun activities, while others prefer to de-stress and relax after their cycle has ended. It is your decision, but we suggest considering which activities will be most effective to pass the time and not add anxiety.

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