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Top skills to put in your resume 

The skills you put in your resume may set you apart from fellow competitors. Skills are natural talents or expertise needed to perform a specific task or job. Recruiters spend very little time reviewing your resume. So, mentioning relevant soft and hard skills is essential. The skills section can influence your salary figure too. 

There are two types of skills that employers are looking for: hard skills and soft skills. It’s crucial to add both hard and soft skills. Hard skills are required to perform a specific job like data analysis, SEO, marketing, data entry, cloud development, graphic designing, UX design, programming languages, etc. Soft skills are attributes that define how a person will interact efficiently or how you’ll perform a task. Some soft skills are: problem-solving, critical thinking, attention to detail, empathy, teamwork, work ethic, communication, teamwork, collaboration, adaptability, creativity, etc. 

Read further to know about relevant hard and soft skills in detail!

Soft skills 

Various soft skills that one must have to kickstart their career are given below:

Attention to detail 

Mistakes may cause losses to businesses. Therefore, hiring managers look for a prospect that pays attention to detail and proofreads before submitting any task. Mentioning this skill will add a plus point to your resume. One must proofread before submitting your resume or cover letter and tailor your resume according to the job description. 


Communication is the first skill a hiring manager looks for in a candidate. Employers want prospects that can interact with people, present to different audiences, and deal with customers or clients without hesitation. Communication is an essential requirement for every job. Communication helps to articulate one’s thoughts wisely, reason them and present them to the audience. Communication skills that one must have are, active listening, public speaking, creative writing, and presenting. Several professionals use best platform for selling online courses that cater to soft skills like public speaking and time management. You can enroll in these courses and improve your soft skills.    


Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas using skill and imagination. Creativity boosts one’s confidence and eases stress and anxiety. Businesses require people who can creatively find quick fixes and bring fresh ideas to the table. Hiring managers will test your creativity by examining what you will do in certain situations. So, broaden your horizon and try to look at difficulties from different views. 

Hard skills 

Hard skills are generally job-specific. For example, a data analyst must list programming skills like python, R language, and Excel. Some basic skills that one must have are listed below:

Research skills 

Research skills are required in plenty of jobs like research analyst, copywriter, journalist, content creator, social media manager, etc. Excellent research skills on your resume can enhance your chances of getting selected. Research skills include planning, analyzing, and interpreting the data collected. Several programming tools are used to interpret data. Top universities use platform to sell courses online, one can take up these courses and learn relevant research tools.   


Mathematics is needed in every field, one must be proficient in working with numbers and data handling. Companies take assessments before the interview to test students’ basic mathematics and logical reasoning skills. You must focus on learning mathematics from school as it boosts your chances of cracking a job interview. 


Multilingualism is the use of more than one language by a speaker. Various businesses serve clients from all over the globe and knowing multiple languages adds a positive point. Multilingualism allows better understanding and mutual acceptance of people from diverse backgrounds. Learning a new language enhances confidence and expands your mind. Firms with numerous foreign clients prefer candidates who have learned two or more foreign languages. One can learn a different language according to a specific job’s description.  

To wrap up, candidates need to put relevant hard and soft skills into their profiles. Candidates must learn soft skills like empathy, collaboration, communication, attention to detail, adaptability, teamwork, creativity, problem-solving, work ethic, etc. One must inherit hard skills like research skills, project management, SEO, marketing, data analysis, mathematics, etc. These skills will help to accelerate your career. 

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