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Turn Digital Crown to unlock Apple Watch

Turn Digital Crown to unlock Apple Watch

Apple watch is an amazing technical device which has plenty of options for the users along with amazing beneficial features and just like most of the products of Apple, Apple watch is also water resistant and one feature which is holding up this function on the apple watches in Water lock. 

Water lock is actually a feature which acts as a shield against water and not only this but it also allows your Apple watch to be use even when you are swimming or bathing. After the water based workout the water lock mode of the apple watch will allow you to get water out of your device and eject it.

If you are reading this blog to get to know how to turn digital crown to unlock and eject water so that you can prevent it from long term damage then this is the right blog where you will get to know about it. 

So, without spending time talking about other things, let us immediately get start to know about the steps which you should follow to drain water out of your Apple watch. 

Steps for turning to digital crown to unlock as well as eject water from Apple watch

This method is quite easy to follow and is simple also which is to turn digital crown to unlock but before getting to the steps you should ensure that you are using your paired device iphone to begin the procedure to unlock your Apple watch you are using and move out the water. 

The first which you should be following is to click on the bottom of the display of the Apple watch and when the watch face or any application is appearing in front of you, you should simply swipe up. 

The control center will be visible to you in front of you where you have to swipe up once again. 

Now, you will be able to see the button of water lock on which you have to click and once the activation is done the water drop icon will be seen to you on the screen at the very top. 

If you are not able to see the water icon on your screen then this means that the feature of water lock is not enable on your apple watch. 

Water lock turns on itself when you begin swimming or when you start any water based workout while wearing it. 

Steps for Turning off the Water lock and then ejecting the water 

Now, to turn off the feature of water so that you can get the water out of your device, you need to turn digital crown to eject water. The digital crown is the button you can see at the left side of your apple watch which can be rotate and you can rotate it in any direction. 

You have to keep on turning the crown until you see the message of Apple watch unlocked on the display screen of your watch. 

You will also be able to hear some sounds and these sounds coming from your watch indicates that the water has been eject from your apple watch through the speaker holes. 

And once, the water is eject from your Apple watch you will be able to use your watch as usual as you used to. 

Apple watch does not gets unlocked even after digital crown is turned

Sometimes even after you have turn the digital crown on apple watch your watch might not get unlock, well when this happens you do not need to get panick and you should try the ways which we are giving you. 

You should clean and then dry your digital crown, or you can also use your paired iphone to unlock it. 

Another way which you could use is to go for a hard reset and if nothing works then you could make use of the iMyFone lock wiper to unlock the apple watch you are using. We hope that the information about unlocking your device offered in this blog has been helpful for you, yet if you want to learn more about water lock feature or digital crown of Apple watch then you could give a try to website Cleanersuite.com by accessing it on your browser.

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