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Vinyl Roll Up Doors Add Safety and Convenience to the Work Environment

Installing automatic doors in an industrial facility makes moving people or materials from one location to another much more efficient. Rather than propping open or holding a door when something needs to pass through, the door can automatically open or close at regular intervals. These doors also serve as a protective barrier to separate areas where machining environments or hazards like welding splatter and arc flash are present. These Benefits of Automatic Roll Up Doors, along with many others, help make a chaotic work environment safer and more regulated.

A More Versatile and Practical Form of Project Separation

Many roll-up doors at industrial facilities are built from aluminium and mounted indefinitely in one location. These doors are pricey, hefty, and can become unsightly after slight damage. They can also be heat and electrically conductive, which is a safety hazard depending on the environment. On the other hand, doors made from a strong vinyl blend are movable, do not easily tear if hit by heavy or sharp objects, and are flame-retardant/heat-resistant. The vinyl doors can open and close swiftly and cause no significant damage if they impact something due to their lightweight and quick-acting sensor technology.

Keeping Employees and Materials Safe in a Busy Environment

Roll Up Doors

Automatic roll-up doors also incorporate safety sensors that prevent personal injury and damage to physical objects. The sensors utilize a LiDAR scanner to detect interference within the door frame. As long as the scanner beam is unbroken, the door can safely close, but if the beam becomes breached while the door travels downward, the automatic reverse kicks in and draws the door back up. The photo eye of the scanner creates an invisible sensor curtain that covers all areas of the entryway that someone or something might travel through. This ensures that no person is hit or crushed by the door and any objects traveling through are safe from being impacted. In busy industrial environments with multitudes of workers and automated devices in motion daily, this safety feature is a must-have for highly-traveled areas.

Eliminating the Need for Constant Maintenance

Durability is an advantage that vinyl roll-up doors have over heavy, cumbersome aluminium doors. The vinyl material can withstand impact weights over 400 pounds; the movement mechanism incorporates no-maintenance ball bearings. Whereas a metal door requires periodic lubrication, realignment, and corrosion inspections after multiple uses, the guidance system of a vinyl model can operate for over one million cycles before degradation may be noticeable. The ball bearings also help keep the door aligned by limiting the stress put on the framework.

Creating a Sturdy Form of Protected Visibility

Window panes are not the first thing that comes to mind when considering vinyl automatic roll-up doors due to the fabric construction, but they are a viable option. Clear windows sized 18″ x 18″ can be incorporated into each door to allow visibility when it is down. More importantly, bronze or red UV windows can be situated into any size door when hazardous processes like plasma cutting, laser application, or welding require eye protection. The windows are designed to be OSHA-compliant and positioned at any height the client specifies. The composition of both styles helps avoid the cracking and cloudiness that affects glass and clear polycarbonate panels over years of use.

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