What is the literary fiction label on novels?

    literary fiction

    There are multiple types of labels that are kept on a book in order to trade them in the market of novels which will fit into an established genre to decide what type of story details in which particular touch point it is going to tell to the audience. Literary fiction, mainstream fiction, non genre fiction, serious fiction, etc are a few labels that are kept on a book to decide their language and experimental poetic fashion sense.

    Literary genre fiction is most commonly used as a synonym for literature books. Because these books are written exclusively and very specifically in an artistic manner. Basically, these are superior kinds of genre fiction in the books which are written in a very superficial manner and all the figures and characters in everything are kept in a very cautious manner in the book.

    Under the label literary genre fiction, there are many sub fiction categories such as science fiction, crime fiction, romance fiction, horror fiction, psychological fiction, literature fiction, or art fiction, etc. 

    What is literary fiction?

    The books that come under the literary genre fiction genre majorly include and involve a concern or a situation, which is related to social commentary, criticism in politics, or sometimes a reflection of a human condition. Literary genre fiction is not similar to genre fiction because, in genre fiction, the major concern or the major highlight is the plot which is the central concern of the book. Literary genre fiction might have a slower pace of telling the story than popular and other types of fiction.

    As per Terrence Rafferty, it has been said that literary fiction has a nature of lingering on the stray beauties, and also it allows them to dawdle themselves. Even if it is losing its way of the story in the mind of the audience, but this is the only thing that is being loved by a reader.

    Other types of genres may be worried about the style of writing, and the complexity of the words. But literary genre fiction is completely based on some elegantly written stories which are properly layered with the lyrics.

    Why is literary genre fiction different from other genres?

    Unlike to the genre fiction, literary fiction majorly concentrates on and makes the human character to the central attraction of the book. Basically, literary genre fiction can come under the literature part, which is beyond the situation that a person faces.

    Understanding the literary fiction type in detail

    Literary genre fiction books are character driven stories, which can be based on social and political themes that are irreverent to story telling norms. This makes literary books and genres different from other genres. 

    Literary fiction is a category of novels or a genre, which is considered to be very difficult to explain sometimes to people. Sometimes people think that it has a very serious kind of genre and fiction. 

    Types of literary fiction

    Here are some of the major types of fiction books of the literary genre. Have a look:

    1. Contemporary fiction books of literary genre.
    2. Realistic fiction books of the literary 
    3. Experimental fiction books of literary genre
    4. Philosophical fiction books of the literary.

    literary fiction with another perspective 

    fiction is majorly divided into 2 different categories and that is genre and literary. But not all the people in the world like the idea and concept of writing literature. As it is further divided into 2 different parts that are good fiction and bad fiction, which completely depends on the reader’s opinion and choice of reading. 

    Difference between genre fiction and literary fiction

    Here are some of the major and also some common kinds of the difference between the fiction and genre fiction. Have a look at it.

    1. All you need to know about the genre fiction.
    • The genre fiction is used to appeal to the whole population or masses.
    • Genre fiction works on a specific and defined kind of the concept.
    • Genre fiction is famous and well known for using the conventional method for telling of the story.
    • It is very interesting and also very entertaining to the readers.
    • Genre fiction is absolutely a plot driven kind of the story.
    • Genre fiction always tries and give a happy ending to each and every single book of it. 
    • Genre fiction is considered to be very easier to sell compared to any other type of the fiction book.

    Genre fiction in a nutshell 

    In a nutshell if we talk about the genre fiction then it is liked by so many people and is enjoyed by them as well. It is not at all proper or hard literature but readers like spending time with these books. These are easy going book, which does not require much attention to the details.

    Also, genre fiction is comparatively inventive, spellbinding, and also beautifully written. 

    1. All you need to know about the literary fiction
    • Fiction books of literary does not follow any kind of the formula to write them.
    • Fiction literary always is prone to use the creativity of writing the story beautifully.
    • Fiction literary is majorly focused on the exploration of the human condition.
    • Fiction literary can be sometimes very difficult to read by the readers.
    • It is majorly focused on the characters of the story rather than the words of the story.
    • Fiction literary always has a confusing and not so clear ending. 
    • These books get a lot of the awards 

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    Literary fiction in a nutshell

    Basically, these books are comparatively serious and provide a fresh perspective of seeing things. More character driven books, which might be complicated and confusing to a few of the readers. 

    Literary fiction books

    Here are some famous literary fiction books:

    1. 1984
    2. The great gatsby
    3. One hundred years of solitude
    4. The catcher in the rye
    5. To kill a mockingbird
    6. The kite runner
    7. A little life
    8. The color purple
    9. The alchemist
    10. Invisible men

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