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What Protective Gear Do You Need For Boxing?

Boxing isn’t just about punching and kicking; you also need to protect your body from punches and kicks thrown at you by your opponent. While it’s always important to wear protective gear when hitting the bag or sparring, it’s even more vital when fighting an actual opponent in the ring or on the mat. 

Protective gear for boxing includes headgear, boxing gloves, hand wraps, shin guards, and mouthpieces, which vary in use and cost depending on the type of fighting you plan to do and your level of experience. The following are the details of the boxing equipment you must need for boxing.

1) Headgear

One of the most important pieces of gear for boxing that you need is headgear. Without it, there would be a huge risk to your health because when you spar and box with other people, your head can really take a beating. 

The headgear is designed to protect your face from being hit as well as protect against cuts or bleeding. It also has padding on the inside so that you’re not getting hit directly in the face every time you get hit.

2) Punching bags

Punching bags are arguably the most important piece of gear for boxing. Bag workouts simulate a real fight and help to condition your body and improve your timing, reflexes, speed, power, form and general conditioning. 

If you’re just starting out in boxing it’s best to stick with a double-end bag. There are other types available but this type provides enough resistance for beginners without being overly difficult. It also allows you to punch from multiple angles without interrupting the flow.

3) Hand wraps

If you’re a serious boxing fan or have an interest in boxing, then you’ll probably have heard about hand wraps. Wearing these before a workout can help avoid pain and injuries during the boxing session and are often recommended by coaches. 

Here are some facts about them to help you decide if they’re right for you

  • Hand wraps protect your wrists, joints, hands, and fingers from damage when you punch something hard.  
  • Hand wraps come in various thicknesses, so choose carefully based on how much protection you need. 
  • Avoid wrapping too tightly around your knuckles because this can cause injury instead of preventing it.

4) Training gloves

Training gloves are also an important part of gear for boxing which comes in different weights. Beginners should get a pair that’s 12 oz or 14 oz, while intermediate or advanced boxers may want a pair between 10 and 16 oz. It’s important to train your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders with gloves that are of an appropriate weight.

5) Skipping Rope

A skipping rope, also known as a jump rope, is the first piece of gear for boxing every boxer should own. Skipping can not only help you get warmed up before sparring, but it’s also a great workout on its own! Skipping has been proven to increase flexibility and cardiovascular endurance while giving you an awesome upper body workout. 

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For boxing, there are a lot of items you’ll need. But with some careful planning and budgeting, you can find the best gear for boxing at Sports Maxx. Go now and purchase to kick-start your boxing career.

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