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What, Where and How of Number Masking

Privacy is a real issue in our highly linked world. Everywhere we go and everything we do, including online shopping and service inquiries requires us to register using our phone number. Our phone numbers include sensitive information and valuable data that must not be leaked. This is where the criteria for using a masked phone number are relevant.

Number Masking is a sophisticated data security solution created to safeguard the caller’s and the agent’s privacy. It makes it possible for two on-call organizations to communicate without giving up their contact information. The security of consumer interactions is ensured through number masking. Here mentioned are the usages of the number masking:

Importance of number masking:

Protecting the personal numbers of your clients and staff is simple and secure when you utilize number masking. This prevents the misuse of personal information because both parties’ identities are known, especially those of your clients. Knowlarity provides the best number masking software to protect your number. It is essential to buy high-quality software. 

How does phone masking work?

It effectively establishes the necessary infrastructure for your company to support masked phone numbers. It randomly selects a transient number that forwards communications between numerous parties from a vast pool of available phone numbers.

Maintain privacy:

Many commercial use cases call for a flurry of communications within a brief period. For a speedy transaction, it is unnecessary for the service provider and the customer to exchange phone numbers. It is essential to protect your number. Any firm must take user privacy seriously to protect its customers’ personal information and number masking.

Due to scams, prank calls, and spam, customers typically do not like to share their phone numbers. Call masking ensures the safety of the customer’s permanent phone number during a call and transaction. The customer develops a sense of reliability and trust in you.

Secure customer base:

By using number masking, you may secure the customer’s phone numbers. This is helpful when delivery people and cab drivers take advantage of the client’s contact information. They give customer-related data to marketing firms using the client’s phone number for promotions and product sales.

Masked phone numbers and call tracking:

All discussions can be recorded, tracked, and analyzed. Personal phone numbers would make this impossible. However, you may follow agent performance and evaluate the calibre of their client interactions. This assists you in learning crucial customer information. To ensure that every agent is entirely prepared to speak with clients, you may also figure out where in the interaction the person erred and pinpoint areas for development.

Cost efficient:

Your cash and resources are immediately saved when you use a virtual number for number masking. Number masking is incredibly cost-effective because you don’t need to buy a local number for your firm’s location. It reduces your expenses and gives you a choice to expand geographically while paying the least amount of money.

Call monitoring:

All calls sent to your clients through the cloud service provider’s server can be monitored. The call monitoring dashboard offers comprehensive data on active calls and incoming and outgoing calls. It also details the start and end times of each call made possible by your agent.

Control over communication:

Call masking software enables your company to monitor calls between customers and representatives. You can always keep track of the calls that are taking place on both ends. It is an effective tool for resolving consumer problems by the phone records.


A private phone number is frequently a significant source of contention. Maintaining a phone number and personal details is important or else you will be in great danger. There is no requirement for one party to stay in touch with the other once the transaction or service is over for short-term interactions.  

Shift to Knowlarity:

Protecting communications from the beginning will help your company avoid any potential issues. You can install a number masking software from Knowlarity to have better service. They provide quality software at an affordable price. Knowlarity is the best option to install a number masking to your phone. Keeping your phone number safely is essential, so you should not get compromised in protecting your details. Knowlarity provides the best customer service.  

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