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What Are The 10 Benefits Of An Online Doctor Consultation In India

Online doctor consultation and medical services are growing rapidly across the world. It has become a preferred choice for patients, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A large number of people experienced several health issues that needed medical attention and treatment. Being unable to step out has caused immense anxiety and patients started to realize the significance of online doctor consultation. It brought positive changes in the lives of patients and doctors. There are several advantages which make it a viable option for health and medical consultations.  

10 benefits of an online doctor consultation in India are as follows: 

Prompt medical attention 

One of the biggest advantages of opting for online doctor consultation is that you can expect a prompt and efficient service. There is no waiting like in the clinic. This consultation can either be via a phone call or a video chat. It might take up hours or even days to get a doctor’s appointment and going virtual can eliminate this problem. An online doctor can respond to patients instantly. He ensure that they are receiving all the medical attention they need as soon as possible. 

Consultation from anywhere 24/7 

An online doctor consultation can be scheduled at midnight, early in the morning, or even on a weekend day when the clinic might be closed. This means you can get a consultation from anywhere in case of an emergency, if you are out of town or are in another state. It involves a lot less hassle and is very useful for those who continuously travel for business or work purposes or require daily or periodic evaluations of their health. 

Medical history 

One of the most crucial factors of online doctor consultation is that your medical reports are stored safely. This ensures that you don’t have to answer the same health related questions repeatedly and your doctor can refer to your medical history online for future reference. Patient data management is very easy, you can access your test reports, check-up prices, anytime you want to. 

It is less time consuming 

Typically an online doctor consultation takes 15-20 minutes, while in-person doctor visits can last up to an hour. People look for quicker appointments and try to fit them in their busy schedules, which is why this is more appealing to patients. The doctors are able to attend many more patients and enjoy the flexibility. The travel time of both patients and doctors are eliminated for good. 

It saves money 

An online doctor consultation may cost less, however, top specialists often charge the same fee for online as well as in-person visits. An online doctor consultation is cost-effective as it eliminates expenses related to travel. It is easily accessible and affordable.  

Helps reduce stress and anxiety 

Not being able to be present for a doctor’s appointment or missing out on one can cause a lot of anxiety and stress regarding your health. Virtual appointments can make patients feel comfortable to talk about their health issues. During an online doctor consultation, patients often share sensitive information without the fear of judgment. This helps the doctor to better understand the patient’s condition and treat them more accurately.  

Patients can access safe prescription services 

Virtual doctors provide prescriptions online based on your virtual diagnosis. They will ask about your health symptoms and prescribe medicines. You can get an online doctor consultation prescription on the Bajaj Finserv Health app. However, in some cases you might require an in-person examination before you can receive your prescription.  

Privacy and Security 

Many people who are willing to keep their health issues private, find online doctor consultation extremely helpful. You must always consult someone with medical expertise to advise you virtually on your health condition. You can be confident that you are using a secure system and your information will always be protected and confidential. 

It reduces patient no-shows 

Since online consultations are more convenient for everyone, there are less chances of patients not turning up for their appointments. Patients will only need to log in and join their appointment. As a doctor, it will take less time to reschedule appointments and many online booking systems send an automatic reminder to the patients, so that they do not forget about their appointments. 

Added Safety 

In recent times, people feel that it is best to avoid going out to a doctor’s clinic since it increases the chances of contracting diseases. If you are waiting for hours for your appointment in a clinic, you could be exposed to several germs and viruses. With online doctor consultation, there is reduced risk of catching infections and diseases. If your immune system is low, you can simply speak to a doctor from the safety of your home. 

Online doctor consultation is nothing complicated, rather user-friendly. You will no longer have to wait hours or days for the consultation, and can connect with the doctor the moment you start feeling unwell. There is still a huge scope for improvements in this service. More awareness must be spread about how more and more people can truly utilize it to their great benefit. You can book a virtual consultation with top doctors on the Bajaj Finserv Health app and save both money and time.  

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