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Why Moissanite Jewelry in Canada is Becoming Popular Amongst Women

White silicone-carbide-based gemstone known as moissanite. Also, refer to the synthetic diamond alternative that has gained popularity recently. Despite having a visual resemblance to a genuine diamond, it is chemically very different. It is the ideal stone because of its durability. However, there are many other reasons for women to purchase moissanite jewelry in Canada, including a long-lasting feature.

Luminous Spark

The ideal gemstone for you may be moissanite if you enjoy the sparkle. The refractive index of a stone is the brilliance, which is used to quantify sparkle. Though it has a different faceting pattern than diamonds, moissanite has a higher level of brilliance. 

Indeed, an eye-catching moissanite’s surface shimmer creates flaming, multicoloured flashes that glitter in the light. Even though moissanite is described as “colourless.” When buying Moissanite jewelry in Toronto or any other city, just be mindful of the seller you are getting from. 

Uncompromised Toughness

A gemstone’s resistance to damages determines the rating it obtains. Moissanite ranks among the world’s hardest materials with a perfect score of 9.25. As a point of comparison, sapphires are a 9, and diamonds are a 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. 

Furthermore, engagement rings made of moissanite are wearable every day and endure well. Your moissanite gemstone will never change colour, but it will need to be cleaned often to keep its brilliant appearance.

Enticing Price

For many couples, round moissanite rings are an alluring low-cost option. Moreover, with the customized option available in Agi Design allow them to design the engagement ring of their dreams. When compared to diamonds of the same size and shape, moissanite is substantially less expensive, making them a more affordable option. 

Do you Know? The diamond trade is one of the most violent in the world, measured in terms of money. Young people work in mines to collect enough gems to feed their families. On the other hand, the production of moissanite is morally and entirely traceable. It’s because moissanite is grown in a lab; it does not use the same subhuman labour conditions as the diamond industry. Additionally, it is totally environmentally friendly.


Since carats are the standard unit of measurement for precious gemstones, Moissanite’s weight is expressed in terms of its diamond equivalent weight (DEW). Since diamonds weigh more than moissanite and will weigh more than a moissanite of the same size, the majority of moissanite is sold by size (in millimetres). 

In other words, moissanite jewelry in Canada can be purchased for the same carat weight as a diamond, proving that carat weight is not a reliable measure of size. For instance, a 6.50 mm round diamond ring will weigh 1 carat, whereas a 6.50 mm moissanite engagement ring in Canada will weigh roughly 0.88 CT or 1.00 CT DEW. Hence, you save money and get a good weight ring almost matching the weight of a diamond.


Moissanite can be made in all of the common gemstone shapes and cuts that are used for diamonds, including pear, cushion, round, emerald, marquise and so on. Since round cuts have the most shine, they are frequently chosen. Nevertheless, other common shapes include marquise, cushion, radiant, pear, and square are also sought-after shapes. Read Also : steel price today in hyderabad


Moissanite typically has a lifetime warranty as it is durable in nature. This does not only apply to hardness; it also covers any scratches or other damage. New lab-grown moissanite stones are being produced that are protected. If you are planning to buy moissanite jewelry in Canada, then AGI Design is a reliable jewelry store. You can also give an order for the premium gemstone at their official website!

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