Shisha Outsourcing Services

If you’re an up-and-coming restaurant/lounge/café/bar in Dubai, you’ve probably considered investing in a shisha offering. 

But how is the shisha lounge Dubai market? Is setting it up all by yourself a good option, or should you think of shisha outsourcing? What are the possibilities in shisha outsourcing Dubai has to offer?

Let’s look at all that and more, starting with why including shisha in your offerings is a highly favorable decision.


Turkey, Egypt, Persia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE presently have a raging demand for hookah. 

Turkey, Egypt, Persia, Saudi Arabia, and UAE presently have a raging demand for shisha.

While the earliest traces of the water pipe were found in India and Persia, smoking shisha has also been a tradition among old Bengali Muslim zamindars in Bangladesh. It then wafted across many continents before settling in the Middle East early in the 1990s. It was received with a warm embrace and then never let go!

Argila, nargile, ḡalyān/ghalyan, ḥoqqa, nafas, čelam/čelīm, and shisha are some of the locally-fond names of the water pipe here. Technically, ‘shisha’ is the content that’s smoked, while ‘hookah’ is the pipe used to smoke. Arabic ‘shisha’ is a mix of molasses, tobacco, vegetable glycerol, and flavoring as per tradition. It is called Mu’assel or maasesel (translating to ‘honeyed’ in Arabic). 

From being a part of get-togethers and celebrations to just a way to unwind – shisha has become a deep-rooted social custom today that can elevate conversations, food, bonds, and the senses!


Hookah began as a way to smoke tobacco. 

Historical records dating back to 8000 BC describe ancient holes 40-50 liters deep in the ground. People would throw in a heavy stone inside it and close them with a lid of twigs and clay. Next, a special pipe was inserted with a bowl, like a tube, to extract smoke. This steam would hit the rock, split into bubbles, and get purified by water that was passed through. People would then inhale this cooled smoke. 

You can still spot these structures in parts of the Afghanistan and South African mountains – although the reason behind their unique shape may be exciting lore.

Today, the hookah instrument consists of three parts: the base, the steam, and the bowl. 

  • The base holds water, a smoke chamber, and a purge valve.
  • The stem directs the smoke.
  • The bowl has flavored tobacco that starts to smolder and produce smoke when lit.

The smoke travels down the stem, passes through the water, and then reaches you to inhale from the mouthpiece connected to the base by a hose/pipe.


Despite its ancient history, flavored shisha was only introduced around the early 2000s. People now prefer hookah to cigarettes due to its partially-purified wet fumes and aromatic flavors.

So, how is it all shaping up?

Globally, shisha is most popular among the youth.

A study by the US CDC found that shisha consumption in post-secondary students increased from 4.1% to 9.4% between 2011 to 2014, while cigarette smoking went down from 15.8% to 9.2%. 

About 40% of college and university students had smoked tobacco from a water pipe. These statistics probably resulted from 200+ hookah cafes opening up between 2000-2004, catering to the young adult population near colleges.

With the Middle East making shisha their own, it has become synonymous with the UAE social norms and cultural delights. Besides being an allure to large local crowds, it’s also an attraction for visitors. Shisha lounges and cafes are the go-to places for social gatherings. Some people also believe that shisha brings a sense of coolness and relaxation in the hot, arid climate after a long day. 

Remember those scenes from the movies that showed cozy, ornate tents in the middle of desolate deserts? These traditional ‘majlis’ were a special place where people would sit in a tent full of cushions to relax, unwind, converse and smoke shisha!

Following in the same vein and enthusiasm, the demand for shisha is rising in indoor cafes, outdoor tents, and rooftop gatherings.   


So, is it wise to include shisha in your offerings as a restaurant/café/bar/lounge? For sure! Here’s a brief round-up of the advantages:

  • It’s an ever-growing sector for social gatherings.
  • You can expand your customer base and target the youth.
  • It has a high return rate, so discount plans and reward systems would work great.
  • It’s an extra source of income.
  • The worth of the global shisha market by 2028 is estimated to be USD 25 billion, with the Middle East accounting for over 80% of it.
  • UAE’s easy incorporation process, low entry barriers and inviting business environment make it highly convenient to get started.
  • The tax rate remains 0% on corporate and personal income in the UAE.
  • 33 out of 97 global regions have seen an increase in shisha consumption in recent years.
  • Big cities like Karachi and Lahore charge per hour for hookah
  • You can sell shisha and its accessories separately.
  • You can create customized experiences with varied flavors, clubbing them up with thematic food, thematic décor, and beverages.

The best part is yet to come in. You don’t need to set it all up by yourself! There is plenty of scope for shisha outsourcing Dubai has under its belt. 

Shisha outsourcing has benefits of its own. Here are a few:

  • You can easily save ~2,000 AED/Dollars by not having to invest in the equipment and employment costs.
  • The partners will provide you with everything needed for the operations: shisha sommeliers, skilled staff, accessories, devices, equipment, flavors, etc.
  • You’ll have aid in developing the strategy for your offering and the best ways to promote it.
  • It will not demand your constant attention and time.
  • Your brand will have access to the partner’s customer base.
  • Complete ownership and responsibility would lie with the partners.

Plus, it’s often highly convenient and quick to approach some of the best shisha outsourcing companies in Dubai like Shisha Art, and set it all in motion!

Shisha Art has been providing bespoke shisha outsourcing services to premium hotel chains and restaurants since 2017. With a promise to increase sales, their all-round solutions include employment and equipment costs along with online and offline marketing.

So, elevate your dining and entertainment experiences with this ancient smoky charm. With all its flavorful glory, shisha can take your business to the next level.

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