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Why Saying I Appreciate You Is Not the Same as Saying Thank You

It’s important to show your appreciation to the people around you, whether that means co-workers, friends, family, or your significant other. One of the best ways to do this? Saying thank you! Saying thank you for specific things in which you appreciate will make the person feel appreciated and valued. However, saying I appreciate you can sometimes get los in translation and actually mean something different. Make sure you’re saying what you mean with these helpful tips on why saying I appreciate you isn’t the same as saying thank you!

Tips on how to use I appreciate… correctly

When you say I appreciate you, you are acknowledging someone for going above and beyond. Or for doing something that positively impacted you. Saying thank you is simply a way to express gratitude. Acknowledging someone’s good deed by saying I appreciate you is not the same as thanking them for it. So next time, try just saying thank you.

Use this small change in your daily life and watch the results

If you’re anything like me, you say I appreciate your help. And while there’s nothing wrong with appreciation, per se, it’s important to be mindful of the words we use and what they mean. So when someone does something for you, don’t thank them for doing it. Say thank you instead. After all, thank is short for thankfulness.

When to say I appreciate…

When you go out of your way to do something nice for someone. You are telling them that you appreciate them. This is different from simply saying thank you. Which is more of a response to something that has been done for you. Say thank you when somebody does something special for you or helps with a problem in your life. Say I appreciate you when they did something small but thoughtful or showed support in some way.

How The Power of I Appreciate… Affects Your Life

In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle and forget to stop. And appreciate the little things. But did you know that taking a moment to appreciate someone. Or something can actually have a positive impact on your life? It has been scientifically proven that when people feel appreciated they are more likely to work harder, be more creative, be more compassionate and grateful, show higher levels of self-esteem and happiness. Experience less depression and stress, become healthier overall, produce higher quality work at work or school, live longer lives…

I hope this post has helped remind you how important it is to take time out of each day for yourself to pause. And appreciate those around you!

How Would Your Relationships Change?

If you stopped saying I appreciate you and only said thank you, your relationships would change in a few ways. First, you would no longer be constantly affirming your friends and family members. Second, you would probably say thank you less often, which might make it more special when you do say it. Third, your friends and family might start to question whether. Or not you really appreciate them. Which could lead to some awkward conversations.

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